PPPL sponsors 33rd annual lecture series

To illustrate the importance of this issue, Kolemen played a clip from back to the future showing the “Mr. Fusion” device used to power a time-traveling car. Kolemen explained that process control should allow fusion to take place in a space of 5 ... Read More

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Getting Through #2016

With the fall semester almost over here at Princeton, the year 2016 is slowly fading away. What an year it was--I mean, 2016 even has its own hashtag. We screamed when Beyonce released Lemonade and hailed Queen Cersei once again when she finally blew ... Read More

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Ask the Sexpert: Pubic Hair

Dear Sexpert, I normally let my pubic hair grow naturally and give it a trim every now and then. But lately, I’ve been thinking about getting it all removed. When I talked to my friends about it, we couldn’t decide on the best hair removal process. ... Read More

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