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[SPONSORED] How do Frosh Survey respondents plan to spend their money in town?

A photo of a town intersection under yellow-orange sunset skies.
A pause in time to bask in the beauty of a downtown sunset. Nassau Street and Vandeventer Ave. at dusk. 
Guanyi Cao / The Daily Princetonian

We asked respondents of the Frosh Survey questions about spending money in Princeton, with questions sponsored by the Princeton Business Partnership.

Nearly half of the respondents expect to spend $50-100 in town per month, while over one-third expect to pay over $100 per month.

Nearly 90 percent of the respondents say sustainability is an important factor when shopping, and over 60 percent say that supporting small businesses, as well as equity and inclusion, are important.

Almost every single respondent says that grocery or convenience stores are important to have near campus. Students also highly rank cafes or bakeries and drugstores. Meanwhile, only 28.4 percent think having homeware stores nearby is important.

Two-thirds of respondents say they are most likely to go to a sit-down restaurant, while 63.7 percent indicated they would be likely to grab coffee or boba off-campus. Over half say they would get ice cream or eat at casual or take-out restaurants.

42.8 percent of the respondents say they are likely to shop at Urban Outfitters, while 41.4 percent say they aren’t likely to shop at any of the five clothing stores listed.