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The moral dilemma of sanctuary campuses

I’ll admit that I felt very conflicted about President Eisgruber’s statement about the call to declare Princeton a “sanctuary campus,” or a campus that would not voluntarily assist federal immigration officials in the deportation of undocumented ... Read More

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On Tap with Morgan Steelman

Morgan Steelman is a force to be reckoned with as a freshman on Princeton Women’s Squash, racking up two more wins against Williams and Middlebury this weekend. Read More

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20 Ways to Effectively Procrastinate

1. Try out every single Snapchat filter. 2. Make a comprehensive list of all your upcoming assignments for all your classes... and proceed to start none of them. 3. Take a trip to the U-Store and purchase caffeine pills so you can stay up late and not ... Read More

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LAS 396: Cuban Biopolitics

This coming Spring, students will have the opportunity to travel to Cuba with the class, 'Cuban Biopolitics: Gender, Race, and Sexuality in the Long Twentieth Century,' taught by Adrian Lopez Denis. Read More

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