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U. Affairs

Nassau Hall

No suspects yet located in lewdness, peering incidents

Between 8:30 p.m. and 8:50 p.m. Thursday evening, an unknown individual was observed “peering into a window at the New Graduate College.” Around the same time Friday evening, an elderly white male with long gray hair and a light skin male with sandy brown hair and medium build were seen separately near the intersection of Washington Road and Ivy Lane and a residential backyard on Fitzrandolph Road, respectively, both wearing no clothing.

NEWS | 03/18/2019


Formerly incarcerated speakers advocate for the voting rights of the incarcerated in a SPEAR organized panel

Formerly incarcerated individuals discussed voting rights and the criminal justice system in a panel organized by SPEAR’s Voting Rights project, led by Leila Ullman ’21. The panelists are currently advocating a New Jersey state bill that would remove the prohibition on voting by people on parole, probation, or serving sentences.

NEWS | 03/06/2019