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U-Council presents budget for new community center

More than a year after Professor Burton Malkiel's Charter Day announcement of the construction of a new community service center, President Shapiro announced yesterday that the University has obtained more than half of the funds needed for such a center.At yesterday's U-Council meeting, Shapiro said the physical and operational budgets of the community service center would total between $7 million and $8 million.

NEWS | 03/09/1998

USG reactivates NAACP chapter, proposes spring election change

The USG Senate voted Sunday night to "reactivate" the University's chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons as well as to recognize three new student groups."The NAACP is one of the nation's oldest and most influential civil rights organizations," USG vice president Spencer Merriweather '00 said.The University's chapter of the organization has been defunct for "about a year," since its former officers graduated, Merriweather explained."(The NAACP) is already recognized (by the USG); we're just reactivating the group," he said.According to the group's proposal, it will "sponsor forums to discuss difficult and controversial issues," as well as create programs to promote the interest and welfare of black students at the University.According to the report, the main focus will be on "reigniting the activism which evoked the 'progress' we see today." Other groupsThe NAACP was one of four proposed student groups recommended for approval by the Student Group Recognition Committee.

NEWS | 03/09/1998


Ticket-seekers build 'Carmodyville'

The sign hanging from Jadwin Gym spoke for all those camped out below it: "Carmodyville ? Population 100."Beneath the sign, a colony of alternately haggard and ebullient students gathered with a singular purpose: to follow coach Bill Carmody and his Tigers basketball team wherever the NCAA tournament committee would send them, be it Washington or Sacramento, Hartford or Boise.With only 100 student tickets available on a first-come, first-served basis, the line began to form at 6:30 p.m.

NEWS | 03/08/1998

Committee considers footbridge

Pedestrians may no longer have to risk their lives while crossing Washington Road.The University's pedestrian safety task force met for the yesterday for the second time to discuss "ways of providing safer means" for crossing the particularly dangerous street, said Associate Director of Public Safety Chuck Nouvel, who chairs the committee.The task force is trying to "make real movement" toward improving pedestrian safety, said USG vice president Spencer Merriweather '00.With the help of the USG, the task force also hopes to educate students about pedestrian and bicyclist crossing regulations, Nouvel said.

NEWS | 03/05/1998

Jadwin to sell NCAA hoops tickets 'first come, first served'

As the men's basketball team heads off to the NCAA tournament students are wondering how ? and if ? they can get tickets to the games.This year as in the past, tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis, with students camping outside of Jadwin Gymnasium to ensure a place at the front of the line.According to USG president David Ascher '99, the USG and Jadwin's ticket office considered implementing a lottery system to distribute the tickets after hearing students voice complaints that they would have to camp out during midterms week to get tickets.To gage student attitude on the issue, the USG performed a voice-mail survey and called 200 students Tuesday night, asking them which system they would prefer.According to Ascher, the voice-mail survey indicated "an overwhelming majority in favor of a first-come, first-served basis.""When we found out that most students have problems with the lottery system, we decided to scrap it," Ascher said."With the first-come, first-serve basis, students who really want the tickets and who are willing to make sacrifices for them are going to get them," Ascher said.The NCAA pairings will be announced at 6 p.m.

NEWS | 03/04/1998

FBI probes causes of computer crash

Investigations are still underway to explain the computer crash that affected thousands of civilian and military computers all over the nation, including those at the University.During a 36-hour period that began early Monday evening, several schools, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Minnesota, and the University of California at Berkeley, were affected, according to the Associated Press. Nationwide investigationsSeveral unclassified Navy computers were also affected, according to Commander O'Leary from the U.S.

NEWS | 03/04/1998

Website images confuse students; CIT admits to posting odd photos

Aliens landed on campus.Or so students might have thought Monday night.The University home page usually displays picturesque images of campus, but late Monday those photos were replaced with images that Manager of Web Instructional and Media Services Serge Goldstein described as "puzzling and strange."The new photos included a man shouting in a vacant room, a large, unidentifiable face and a blurry, spherical object that closely resembled a flying saucer.Now you see 'em . . ."We were just using a new set of rotating pictures for the home page," Goldstein explained.

NEWS | 03/03/1998