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The Daily Princetonian

In Defense Of: $5.95 Late Meal

It's 3:28 p.m. You plunge headfirst into the absurdly long late meal line, inadvertently hip-checking John Nash and whacking that cute guy you've secretly been posting about on Tiger Admirers for the past month with your backpack. After gathering yourself and apologizing to the frightened freshmen who witnessed the entire scene, you begin to eagerly anticipate the moment when you can comfortably sprawl on your common room floor, late meal goodies spread all around you, about to indulge yourself while crying about being single.

HUMOR | 11/06/2013

The Daily Princetonian

In Defense Of: Rocking Desk Chairs

On the Princeton website, the housing department proudly announces that every room, no matter how big or how small, must be furnished with “one bed and mattress requiring extra-long sheets," for Princeton must accommodate the extra-long people, "one dresser, one desk and one chair for each person in the room.” You may note that Housing does not specify the type of chair you’re going to get.

HUMOR | 10/16/2013