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The Daily Princetonian

Modern couples

I love to people-watch, especially when I am in unfamiliar places. So, naturally, when my boyfriend and I finished up our lunch during our day trip to Sedona, I was content to simply observe as my food digested.

OPINION | 11/06/2013


A waste of a good time

In her Oct. 1 column, “The cult of exclusivity,” Katherine Zhao discusses how the Princeton experience can often feel like “getting hit by a long string of rejections.” She laments that Princeton’s culture has the habit of excluding students from the exact extracurricular activities they had once thought they had excelled at in high school.

OPINION | 11/04/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Doing college right

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite high school teachers sent a message via Facebook to several of my friends in Boston demanding that they “stop hanging out” with one another, emphasizing her sincerity with all-caps text and more exclamation points than a humanities teacher should ever use.

OPINION | 11/04/2013


On empathy

A few weeks ago, I got a C. The letter, scrawled in the corner and circled for emphasis, burned into my retinas the moment I flipped over the paper at the end of precept.

OPINION | 11/03/2013


A response to "What Is Marriage?"

Last Thursday evening, I found myself in McCosh 50 for a talk delivered by Ryan Anderson ’04, called “What Is Marriage?” The fact that it was sponsored by the Anscombe Society — a campus group dedicated to promoting traditional marriage roles, family and chastity — gave me a pretty strong inkling of what wouldn’t be included in his definition. The gay marriage debate is ages old at this point.

OPINION | 10/22/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Look up

People don’t look up. I’ve proved it to myself a number of times. On one occasion during my sophomore year, after climbing to the top of Dillon Gymnasium, I spotted a friend of mine walking past me toward Spelman Halls and the Wa.

OPINION | 10/20/2013


Class divisions

The senior class council wisely saved up its social funds for a series of events called “Pub Nights.” The point of these evenings is to rent out a bar such that it exclusively serves the Princeton senior class, so that anyone from the class can participate.

OPINION | 10/17/2013

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