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Kinnari Shah

The Daily Princetonian

On TigerTracks

But every time I log into TigerTracks, it feels like a hassle. Will I find something useful, or won’t I? How often do I have to log in to find a relevant position — every day, week, month? Do I need to upload an updated resume? Was I automatically logged out again? For what it’s worth, I do find TigerTracks to be pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty … pretty good. However, I would suggest a few updates.

The Daily Princetonian

Cats and politics

There is a severe lack of original content when it comes to what I see being posted by my compatriots on social media. And after seeing the same old thing 15 or so times about Mitt Romney or Barack Obama, I’m completely apathetic.

The Daily Princetonian

Our freedoms

Even if we believe that the bill does not affect us personally (which it could), we cannot allow these perpetrations to continue. Already, we allow citizens to be monitored under the Patriot Act. Already we allow torture to take place in secret prisons. Already, we have allowed military law to carry on outside of due process, and now we are allowing it to extend to our own fellow citizens.

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