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Spencer Shen

The Daily Princetonian

Backspace love

You, the reader, will never see the litany of corrections that went into this article before it made its way to publication, because it was composed entirely upon a computer screen — I say “composed” instead of “written” because there is an important distinction to be made between “writing” and “typing.” Almost all essays and papers college students submit are now started and finished digitally — in many cases, one submits the paper by email and receives an electronically submitted grade in return, an exchange that occurs completely within the virtual realm.

The Daily Princetonian

Looking past the outbreak

In light of the recent meningitis cases on campus and the ensuing news coverage that has catapulted us into the national media spotlight, we should take a step back and consider the general state of public health among the undergraduate student body here at Princeton.

The Daily Princetonian

The trouble with take-home exams

In a large body of students, a few will always be tempted to cheat if the opportunity presents itself, but if surreptitiously glancing at a fellow classmate’s test or your own notes is already considered blatant cheating, almost nobody thinks of doing what the Harvard students did. However, because the usual prohibited behaviors were allowed, the format acted as sort of gateway to more extreme methods of cheating.

The Daily Princetonian

The art of political protest

Protest is certainly a good thing, but those who decide to protest should make an attempt to appear rational and reasonable. The civil rights movement succeeded in part because its supporters protested not only without being violent but also without being smart-asses about it.  

The Daily Princetonian

Black Friday II

It appears Thanksgiving has slowly morphed from being a traditional winter holiday, when people came together to eat huge portions and tolerate distant relatives, to merely preparation for Black Friday

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