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Lauren Davis

The Daily Princetonian

The, like, epidemic

In middle school in England, my friends and I used to entertain ourselves by exchanging overdrawn imitations of the stereotypical American valley girl: “Let’s, like, go to the mall!” “OMG, I like, love, like, that shirt!” Feeling smug, I sniggered and mocked, certain I’d never actually talk that way. So I was horrified a few weeks ago when I relistened to an interview I had done for a journalism assignment and discovered that the word “like” featured in almost every sentence.


On empathy

A few weeks ago, I got a C. The letter, scrawled in the corner and circled for emphasis, burned into my retinas the moment I flipped over the paper at the end of precept.

The Daily Princetonian

A formula for friendship

My grandmother, as she sips on her 5 p.m. gin and tonic, frequently dispenses the following piece of wisdom: “If you have as many friends as you do fingers on one hand, you’re incredibly lucky.” This is a woman who has been happily married for 50 years now and has reached the melancholic, yet inevitable, stage of life when friends begin to pass away, leaving more empty seats at her dinner parties every year.

The Daily Princetonian

Oh, to be wise

Having just re-entered the world of academia after a year off from Princeton, I reckon now is a good time to think more deeply about what I’m getting from my formal education.

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