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The Daily Princetonian

Keystone blight

By Mason Herson-Hord '15, Dayton Martindale '15, Rachel Parks '15, Alvaro Sottil '16, Katie Horvath '15, Damaris Miller '15, Nikolaus Hofer '17, Divya Farias '15, Parth Parihar '15 and Lucie Wright '14. On March 10, guest contributor Duncan Hosie ’16wrote “The Case for Keystone,” a well-articulated yet misleading op-ed in support of completing Keystone XL, a stalled pipeline project intended to transport Alberta’s tar sands oil to the Gulf of Mexico.

OPINION | 03/13/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Improving Mental Health Week

Monday marked the beginning of Mental Health Week, a USG-sponsored initiative that seeks to “increase awareness of mental wellness by connecting students with information about campus resources, reduce the stigma regarding seeking help and start and maintain a positive dialogue that is crucial to a safe and supporting community.” Through their various events, which range from talks and workshops to recreational activities, the Princeton Mental Health Initiative raises awareness about mental health issues on campus, invites students to foster an environment conducive to open dialogue and provides strategies for students to nurture their own mental well-being. However, the challenge lies not only in raising awareness about ways to improve mental wellness but also about changing the mindset of students in regard to these services.

OPINION | 03/05/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Say my name, say my name

In the seventh grade, my communications teacher pronounced my name “Chutney.” Even with eight years’ retrospect, I don’t think he was being racist; I just think that he saw my name on the roster, the thick conglomeration of consonants up front and all 13 letters of my undulating surname, and froze up.

OPINION | 03/04/2014

The Daily Princetonian

Midterms month

As spring break draws ever closer, many students on campus are increasingly filled with a sense of dread, an overbearing feeling of anxiety, for midterms week is fast approaching.

OPINION | 03/04/2014

The Daily Princetonian

“What’s wrong with you?”

Just one of the many texts and missed calls I received when I woke up last fall after my friend, as a light-hearted prank, had changed my Facebook status to “Leaving for the semester, can’t wait to see you guys next year!” While I quickly resolved the confusion, informing my very worried mother and my less concerned friends that I was in fact not leaving for the next semester (probably to the dismay of my more vocal and critical readers), the response from those close to me left a lasting impression. Instead of being a potential for alternative growth or creativity, the idea of leaving was considered a rash judgment.

OPINION | 03/03/2014