Linh Nguyen


U. appears in sexual harassment crowdsourcing survey

“I lost faith in academia. I do not trust universities to look out for our best interest,” reads the entry. “I feel like I did everything right (reporting, waiting for the process) and it didn't matter … I don't trust anyone to be safe. I don't want academia any more.”

Ozminkowski ‘19 buys out fellow USG presidential candidate domains

A mere week before voting began, USG presidential candidates Matt Miller ’19 and Rachel Yee ’19 discovered an alarming solicitation tactic used against their campaigns. On Monday, Dec. 4, Miller was informed that the website,, existed, although it was not a part of his campaign. Upon searching this link, the user is redirected to, a currently blank page that belongs to Ryan Ozminkowski ’19, another USG presidential candidate.

University Art Museum honors World AIDS Day in annual celebration

“In our efforts to remember World AIDS Day, we’ve generally focused on that first decade,” said Harris. “That first decade of diagnosis, and the first decade of the health crisis, especially on the human rights and civil rights issues that arose in this country around the AIDS crisis. You know, as all of us remember, it was much more than a health crisis for all those years.”

Dept. of Homeland Security moves to dismiss U. DACA lawsuit

The Department of Homeland Security moved on Nov. 22 to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the University, Microsoft Corporation, and Maria De La Cruz Perales Sanchez ‘18 against the Trump administration. The lawsuit aimed to block the rescission of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

ICE raids take place in downtown Princeton

Planet Princeton reported in a previous article that the raid only resulted in three arrests. The raids took place on Witherspoon Street and John Street, according to Planet Princeton. Officials confirmed that they had federal criminal warrants for all the men who were arrested. A follow-up investigation from the Princeton Human Services Department has determined that the men do not have any spouses or children.