Linh Nguyen


PFARS members speak about medical interests, time with EMT squad

Almost 80 years old, the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad is an integral part of the town and community it serves, responding to thousands of calls every year. PFARS is an independent, non-profit emergency medical services organization that is heavily reliant on volunteers in the local area, many of whom are students at the University.

Broken sprinkler leads to Holder Hall flood, student relocation

Alice Wistar ’20 was sitting outside her room in Holder Hall entryway 4 when she heard alarms going off from within the building. When she walked inside, the floor was wet, and she soon discovered that the water had soaked her roommate’s belongings. 

Panel discusses Iranian protests and their repercussions

The Wilson School co-sponsored a panel with the Sharmin and Bijan Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies and Department and Program in Near Eastern Studies to discuss the December and January protests’ implications for Iran’s future. 

Ad Hoc Committee on Calendar Reform proposes fall exams before winter break

In addition to recent attempts to reform the Honor Code, the University is currently considering a reform of the academic calendar. In October 2016, the Task Force on General Education suggested that fall exams be moved to before winter break by beginning the fall semester earlier. At the time of the Task Force recommendations, a survey of students found that 75 percent supported such a change.

Ad Hoc Committee on Calendar Reform proposes fall exams before winter break

The Ad Hoc Committee on Calendar Reform, charged in spring 2017 and composed of faculty members, two undergraduate students, and one graduate student, released a final survey on Jan. 30 to gather student opinions on the proposed new calendar. This calendar features a fall semester that would begin as early as Sept. 1 and end between Dec. 19 and 23, resulting in shortened reading periods and finals periods. By comparison, the spring semester would remain unchanged, save beginning and ending a week earlier.