A look at fall break (from those who stayed on campus)

Fall break. For most, those two words evoke images of relaxation, catching up on TV, sleeping, visiting family, leaving midterm essays until the last possible second, and sleeping some more. It is essentially a week-long nap mixed with a frantic bingeing of “Stranger Things” season two.


Love and Lust: How to tell your best friend you love her (and, alternatively, how to really screw it up)

I always thought I was good at improv. In class, I could win a debate on a topic I knew nothing about or improvise my way through a confrontation with a disgruntled voter when needed.

But when it comes to what’s important, sometimes you want a script. A script endlessly revised, reworked, tried out in different vocal registers, and said with different patterns of emphasis, all to get it just right. So it was on that truly, truly inopportune night when I decided it would be just right to confess to my best friend of several years that my feelings had stretched far beyond platonic.


Canada, eh?

For many, fall break meant a return home to relax and unwind. For Abraham Cruz-Pena ’21, fall break meant a week-long journey through Canada, exploring ... Read More