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Sexpert: Testicularly Concerned


Dear Sexpert, Like most college students, I spend most of my day on my laptop, working on assignments or watching Netflix in bed. I recently read on a men’s health website that using your laptop on your lap can damage sperm production in the future. I’m obviously not planning on having kids now, but if I keep using my laptop on my lap, will there be any long-term damage down there? Sincerely, Testicularly Concerned

How much porn is too much porn?


Dear Sexpert; Over the past year, I have been watching porn more and more. How much porn is too much porn and how do I know if I have a problem? Browser 

Sexpert: Does Size Matter?


Dear Sexpert, I’ve only recently started watching porn online, and I’ve seen countless advertisements about “guaranteed” ways to make my penis bigger. Also, the guys in the videos are usually longer than I am. I never really questioned my size before watching porn, and I’m starting to feel as if I won’t be able to please my partner if I don’t do something about my penis size. So I’m wondering: does size really matter? 

What is Plan B?


Dear Sexpert, My friend told me that she went to McCosh Health Center this morning to get Plan B after having unprotected sex with her boyfriend. I am curious to find out more about how Plan B works. Is it the same as an abortion? — Plan A Preferred

Sexpert: Fresh-tasting Fluid

Dear Sexpert, I’ve always heard rumors that eating pineapple would make my vagina taste better, but is that actually true? Are there other foods that do the same? Sincerely, Fresh-tasting Fluid?

Sexpert: Friends or More?

Dear Sexpert, Do you think that the emotional intimacy that you have with a friend versus a romantic partner is substantively different? – Friends or More?

Sexpert: Kegel Kurious

Dear Sexpert, I’ve been hearing some of my friends talk about doing Kegel exercises, but I’m not exactly sure what they are talking about. What is a Kegel? And how do I do one? --Kegel Kurious

Sexpert: Nervous First-timer

Dear Sexpert, I am a virgin, and I think I am ready to have sex for the first time with my partner. But I am feeling a little nervous. What should I expect? What should I do to prepare?  --Nervous First-Timer