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Francesca Walton


No rest for the weary


We create an environment where our bodies and brains are programmed to never stop. There is always something to do. We could always be more efficient. We are fueling the monster, bringing out our worst. 

Happiness, politics, and stories with Arthur C. Brooks


Arthur C. Brooks, the 10-year president of the American Enterprise Institute, one of the world’s leading conservative think-tanks, is a frequent lecturer. On campus last spring, he talked about “The Art of Happiness.”

How to Get Ready for Halloween in 10 Easy Steps


Step 1) Find friends who are as excited as you are (or just encourage friends to partake if you cannot find anyone who can match your enthusiasm). Once you have a crowd, and depending on the size, assign each person a character of a TV show that you all like or at least know a little about.

Rise and Grind

“How was your summer” rings through the hallways and dining halls followed by brief responses except for the occasional more meaningful conversation with a close friend that turns into a longer catch-up….