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Victoria Scott


Unfamiliar Street: Picadilly Road in London, England

“Unfamiliar Street” is a travel series in which we introduce you to streets from all around the world, far from the well-trod gravel of Prospect Avenue.Let’s jet across the pond to one of the most famous streets in London: Piccadilly.

Lawnparties Preview

Big Sean Quadrangle Club This year’s headliner entered the music scene participating in weekly rap battles on WTHD, a Detroit hip-hop station.

VTone ready to shine with “City Lights”

VTone hopes to make the city shine this weekend with its spring show “City Lights.” Princeton’s first East Asian singing group, VTone, was founded in 2011 by Judy Sun’14, Kevin Leung ’14, Sophia Xing ’15 and Eva Weng ’15 with the intent of adding diversity to the already vibrant a cappella scene at Princeton.