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Maya Wesby

Three journalists discuss diversity in the media industry

The Daily Princetonian held a dynamic panel on Thursday to discuss the aspect of diversity, or lack thereof, in newsrooms and the media industry. The panel was moderated by Sarah Sakha ’18, who began the event by asking each of the panelists about their professional lives and general opinions on the issue of diversity in journalism. Sakha is an associate opinion editor for the ‘Prince’. Benét Wilson, who has hosted workshops and discussions on diversity, said that she is inspired to continue participating in events because of the students she meets and learning about their successes later on.

The Daily Princetonian

U. community members protest election of Donald Trump

Over 70 members of the University community, including students, faculty and staff, gathered on Friday morning to protest the election of Donald Trump. Julian Perez ’17, co-president of the Princeton University Latinx Perspectives Organization, said the demonstrators were there to stand against the values that Trump and his supporters prescribe to. He acknowledged that hateful sentiments and hostile actions are not new for marginalized groups, but that the protest was organized to show that these groups are united and will not back down given Trump’s presidential victory. “It’s another reminder that we have a lot of work to do, and that we have to fight.

The Daily Princetonian

Access Expanded: A look into U. Spanish program's departure from access code

Starting from this academic year, the University’s Spanish Language Program stopped using “Sol y viento,” a textbook published by McGraw-Hill that requires an access code. Catalina Méndez Vallejo and Sylvia Zetterstrand, acting co-directors of the Program, described several issues that they were having with the textbook and its complementary online platform. “[Students were] paying so much for this textbook that costs so much, doesn’t arrive on time, comes in black and white, we have all these issues with the website, and we weren’t really 100 percent happy with the kind of text that was in the textbook anyway.

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