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Student Life

The Daily Princetonian

Baccalaureate: Bernanke offers Princeton seniors advice on careers, romance and everything in between

Chairman of the Federal Reserve and former chair of the University’s Department of EconomicsBen Bernankereturned to campus 11 years after he left the faculty to speak to the Class of 2013 at Baccalaureate and make observations based on his experiences on everything from potential career paths to future romances. In her introduction, University President Shirley Tilghman described Bernanke as open and fair-minded, traits that not only “won him the deep respect of colleagues” with diverse political views but also enabled him to “rise above the partisan fray in the service of both a Republican and Democratic president.” Tilghman also described him as “one of the nation’s foremost monetary economists” whose leadership during the 2008 financial crisis has led to a “weak but palpable recovery.” “As each of you prepares to put your education to good use, in the service of this nation and all nations, you could not do better than to look to Ben Bernanke, who has combined in his career the best elements of academic and public life,” she said.

NEWS | 06/02/2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 10.27.41 AM

Panel discusses status of women at Princeton 40 years ago and now

Current and former female editors of The Daily Princetonian discussed the status of women at Princeton 40 years after the University's first female students graduated at a panel discussionon Friday. The panelists at the event, titled “40 Years [of headlines] Later: Women at Princeton and Beyond,” included two alumnae and three current editors.

NEWS | 05/31/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Latest student with bacterial meningitis hospitalized in home state; cases designated outbreak

A 20-year-old male student was hospitalizedon Mondayfor symptoms of bacterial meningitis, the New Jersey Department of Health confirmed. The student traveled to his home stateSundayand was hospitalized thereMonday, according to a campus health alert email sent by the UniversityMondayevening.

NEWS | 05/20/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Survey quantifies sexual assault

More than 15 percent of female undergraduates reported experiencing non-consensual vaginal penetration during their time at the University, according to an unpublished survey conducted in 2008 by several University offices. The survey, a version of a standard survey format called the “Sexual Experience Survey” was developed in 2007 by Mary Koss, a University of Arizona Public Health professor specializing in sexual violence, and consisted of 17 multiple choice questions.

NEWS | 03/03/2013

Easop's term highlighted by mental health awareness, USG-student transparency

After his one-year term in office, outgoing USG president Bruce Easop ’13 said that he is most proud of his efforts to start conversations about mental health around campus. The Mental Health Initiative, launched last March, was the first major project in a term that also included the launch of TigerDeals, the first ever Princeton Restaurant Week, the release of the COMBO III survey and the expansion of gender-neutral housing.

NEWS | 02/10/2013

The Daily Princetonian

106 sign in to Colonial, Charter down 28 percent from last year

While Terrace Club is asking its new members to consider joining other clubs, Cloister Inn, Colonial Club and Quadrangle Club are still accepting new members after the end of the sign-in period.In total, 438 students joined sign-in eating clubs, excluding those who joined Quad. Quad has a policy of not discussing specific membership numbers with The Daily Princetonian.

NEWS | 02/09/2013

The Daily Princetonian

'Big Sibs' pairs Princeton and elementary students in mentorship

As freshmen entered McCosh 50 on Thursday afternoon, they were greeted by seven young children representing the City Invincible Charter School in Camden, N.J. The children, smiling and chatting with the freshmen in attendance, wore orange shirts that said “Once a tiger, always a tiger” in bold font, with a cartoon tiger over the heart — a reference to the school’s mascot, also a tiger. More than 175 freshmen gathered for an information session on Big Sibs, the Class of 2016’s service project.

NEWS | 02/09/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Updated: Princeton Pounce, now a TigerApp, alerts students of openings in courses

When Zach Koerbel ’16 and Jeremy Cohen ’16 signed up for COS 217: Introduction to Programming Systems this December, they had little hope of enrolling in their preferred preceptor’s section. According to Cohen, it is nearly impossible for freshmen to enroll in the two precepts taught by lead preceptor Robert Dondero because they usually fill to capacity during junior course registration. Determined, nonetheless, to defy the odds, the two prospective engineers wrote a script allowing them to monitor the course’s enrollment activity indefinitely and eventually snag two seats in the class.

NEWS | 02/06/2013