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Ruby Shao


Peter Brown: Inventor of late antiquity

The fall of the Roman Empire ushered in a dark age, replete with decay and barely worth studying. Or so scholars thought until history professor emeritus Peter Brown invented the field of late antiquity, which spans 250–800 A.D.

Former CIA director promotes translucence, not transparency

Espionage defends liberty by promoting national security, former Central Intelligence Agency director Michael Hayden argued on Thursday. “The secret pursuit of secret truth is not only compatible with, but essential to, American democracy,” he said.

Panel discusses how external forces distort democracy

Democracy around the world is being distorted by external forces and corroded from within by officials who fail to conform to its processes and values, according to politics professor and University Center for Human Values director Melissa Lane, who presented the argument at a panel on Friday, Jan. 20.

Cordish '96 to join Trump Administration as assistant to the President

Reed Cordish ’96 will join the Trump administration as assistant to the President for intragovernmental and technology initiatives, the presidential transition team announced Tuesday. Cordish will oversee presidential initiatives that demand multi-agency collaboration and high-impact task forces, concentrating on technological innovation and modernization.

Panel discusses Asian-American activism

People in relationships form the heart of social movements, Hali Lee '89 said at a Saturday panel in the first Asian in America conference hosted by the University. Lee founded and directs the Asian Women Giving Circle, the first and largest giving circle in the United States led by Asian-American women.

Oreskes discusses trust in scientific findings

Trust seems like the only grounds on which non-scientists can accept scientific findings, internationally acclaimed Harvard Professor in the history of science Naomi Oreskes said at a Thursday lecture. However, she noted, trust depends on shared values, which non-scientists and scientists often lack.