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Durva Trivedi

The Daily Princetonian

YikYak, Tiger Admirers attract attention as medium for expressing mental health issues

YikYak, a mobile app that lets users anonymously write and view posts called “Yaks” within a five-mile radius, has attracted some notice from the University and other schools as a medium for students struggling with mental health issues.Students battling mental health-related issues were among those at the University who posted Yaks since it became popular on campus last year.

The Daily Princetonian

Students, Career Services react to study about race, job market

Black students who graduate from elite universities are about as likely to get competitive jobs as white students who graduate from less selective universities like the University of California, Riverside and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, according to research published by University of Michigan sociology professor S.

The Daily Princetonian

Institute for Advanced Study scholar discusses role of nationalism in Balkan Wars

The Albanian conflict and nationalist ideologies both played key roles in bringing about the Balkan Wars, Nader Sohrabi saidin a lecture on Monday. Sohrabi is a scholar of Ottoman and Iranian history currently conducting research at the Institute for Advanced Study. Sohrabi explained that, within scholarship on Turkish nationalism, there are two popular views with regards to Balkan history: orthodox and revisionist. According to the orthodox view, the Ottoman Empire broke downbecause of the irrational nationalism of the Committee of Union and Progress, a well known political organization in the region. According to the revisionist view, however, Turkish nationalism is an entirely new idea — a product of the republic — while the empire’s identity was religious, local, hybrid and Ottomanist. “I counter both,” Sohrabi said.“I claim here that CUP is going somewhere that is close to an assimilationist stance.

The Daily Princetonian

International students face hurdles when seeking U.S. internships

International students have raised issue with the lack of support and advice from Career Services about processes needed to participate in internships in the United States, particularly because most undergraduate international students are on F-1 visas, which means they have some unique concerns with regard to job and internship searches. International students are allowed to work off-campus for up to 12 months per degree level of study — and STEM majors can extend this period for up to 17 additional months — according to federal regulations, and they have to get permission from U.S.

The Daily Princetonian

Students revive SpeakOut group to promote discussion on sexual assault

A student group that had gone inactive for the past few years is being revitalized by students who feel that campus lacks a group separate from the administration to discuss and activism regarding sexual assault,SpeakOut president Eliza Mott ’16 said. SpeakOut was created in 2006 in response to some highly publicized cases ofsexual assault related to Tiger Inn but has remained inactive for a number of years.

The Daily Princetonian

Health Officer Grosser addresses Ebola in Princeton

Presenting an update on Monday night about themandatory quarantine of an NBC crew that included Princeton resident and NBC News’ Chief Medical Editor Nancy Snyderman, Princeton Health Officer Jeffrey Grosser said he was in disbelief aboutthe fact that he was addressing the subject of Ebola inPrinceton. “Not in a million years did I believe I would be speaking ata Princeton council meeting speaking about Ebola, let alonethe Princeton connection,” Grosser said, according to aTimes of Trenton article. Upon their return to the United States, Snyderman and her crewwere labeled as not at risk for Ebola, Grosser said in a PlanetPrinceton article. Later, the crew was upgraded to “lowrisk,” meaning they had come within three feet of someone who tested positive for Ebola.

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