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Pooja Patel

Simpson GS '60 donates funds for new macroeconomics center

Louis Simpson GS ’60 donated $10 million to the University to establish the Louis A. Simpson Center for the Study of Macroeconomics, the University announced on Monday. The center will be formally dedicated in October with a lecture featuring Ben Bernanke, former chair of the Federal Reserve, who chaired the University’s economics department from 1996-2002. “We already have an excellent [macroeconomics] program," economics professor Gene Grossman, chair of the economics department and director of the International Economics Section, said.

Panel discusses women's experiences in eating clubs

Gender and the eating club experience cannot always be separated, a panel of alumni and current students concluded at a discussion, "A Conversation on Women and Eating Clubs," held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Alumni Day. Panelists were Joanna Anyanwu ’15, a Women’s Center intern and member of Cap & Gown club; Julia Blount ’12 former president and trustee of Quadrangle Club; Hap Cooper ’82, president of the Tiger Inn graduate board; Joe Margolies ’15, former president of Quadrangle Club and president of the Interclub Council; Sydney Kirby ’15, vice president of Cannon Club; and Lucia Perasso ’16, president of Terrace Club.

Hamm ’78 speaks on student activism, civil rights movement

People don't have adequate power to make needed changes to society, Lawrence Hamm ’78, chairman of the People’s Organization for Progress, a social and economic activism organization, said in a lecture on Tuesday. “Ultimately, that’s what we’re struggling for: to empower people," Hamm said. Hamm said he began his work as a student activist in Newark in 1971. “Newark is a key center among several centers for the black liberation movement,” Hamm said.

Jacobus Fellowship awarded to 4 graduate students

Kimberly Shepard GS, Catherine Reilly GS, Yu Deng GS and Evan Hepler-Smith GS were awarded the Porter Ogden Jacobus Fellowship last Thursday. The fellowship is awarded to a University student who has “evinced the highest scholarly excellence in graduate work during the year,” and the students were all nominated by their respective departments. Reilly’s dissertation is titled “Naming Disorder: Psychiatry, Diagnosis and Literary Modernism in Russia and Germany, 1880-1929.” Reilly is a Ph.D.

Nobel laureate in physics, U. Professor Emeritus Fitch dies

University Professor Emeritus and Nobel laureate Val Logsdon Fitch died on Feb. 5 in Princeton after a distinguished career in the natural sciences.He was 91. Throughout his life, Fitch worked on the Manhattan Project, won the Nobel Prize in Physics and was a member of numerous science organizations and a mentor to many younger scientists. “He chose his experiments very well and would always try to explain or discover something which was important,” said U.physics Professor Emeritus Pierre Piroue, who noted that Fitch was recognized by scientists all around the world as a top physicist who had made an “astounding discovery.” From Nebraska to Princeton Fitch was born on March 10, 1923, in Merriman, Neb., on a cattle ranch where his father raised purebred Herefords and his mother was a schoolteacher.

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie target of new federal investigation

New Jersey Governor and ex officio University trustee Chris Christie and members of his administration are the targets of a new investigation by federal prosecutors, the International Business Times reported on Thursday. The Governor’s Office did not respond to a request for comment. The charges were brought after former Hunterdon County Assistant Prosecutor Bennett Barlyn was allegedly fired shortly aftervoicing objections to the decision of his superiors to dismiss his investigations into and indictments against political allies of Christie. Barlyn filed a whistle-blower lawsuit and has told media outlets that he was given no reason for the dismissal, although he alleges that his superiors, who were appointed by Christie, fired him unjustly. Investigators are still in the "exploratory stage," according to the International Business Times, and it is unclear whether criminal charges will be filed. Meanwhile,Christie has been emphasizing bipartisanship in his public speeches not only in New Jersey but also on the national stage and many have speculated that he could be considering a run for the U.S.

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