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Jeron Fenton

The Daily Princetonian

New research examines link between cerebellum and autism

Injury to the cerebellum could further our understanding of autism, according to new research by molecular biology professor Samuel Wang. Using the preexisting anatomical and clinical work from the last five to 10 years, Wang’s new idea merges much of the scientific literature exploring a connection between damage to the cerebellum and autism. “Brain development requires internal communication within the brain, and what we suggest is that that internal communication gets disrupted in cases that lead to autism,”Wang said. His research is different from previous research that links the cerebellum to autism because he introduces the concept of sensitive periods. “The sensitive period idea is like this: If you learn a language before the age of six, you speak like a native.


Jadwin Hall being renovated to improve energy efficiency

The University is reassessing the efficiency of Jadwin Hall, which houses the physics department, as part of an effort to reduce its greenhouse gas emission rates to 1990 levels by 2020. The University’s greenhouse gas emission totaled 95,455 metric tons in 1990.Emissions rose by approximately 20,000 over about a 20-year period, reaching a high in 2008. One major renovation that recently took place in Jadwin was the replacement of air handling systems and duct work.

The Daily Princetonian

Student groups to request funds through Student Activities Funding Engine

Student groups and organizations will now request funds for events and activities using the Student Activities Funding Engine website, which was launched last year to streamline summer funding requests.SAFE will now be the universal engine through which students make all their funding requests. The first phase of implementing SAFE, which began in the winter of 2013, allowed individual students to request funds for expenses, including those for senior thesis research, internships and study abroad over the summer.

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