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Student Life

Lawnparties charity has ties with USG

The charity that will be featured at Lawnparties this year, TEAM Charter Schools, was selected because several people on the USG social committee liked the organization and had worked with it before, social committee chairLogan Roth ’15 said. He also said the social committee’s decision to contribute to a charity through Lawnparties had been floating around for several years, and he really wanted to move forward with it this year. TEAM Charter Schools, a region of schools in Newark and Camden, N.J., will benefit with proceeds from the sales of raffle tickets and merchandise, while no money originally budgeted for Lawnparties will be handed to the charity.

NEWS | 04/10/2014

Shortened Preview disappoints admitted students

Seven hundred and twentyadmitted students attended the first session of Princeton Preview on Thursday, compared to 700 admitted students in attendance at the first session of Princeton Preview last year. However, both students at the University and prospective studentshave expressed disappointment at the University’s decision to change Princeton Preview from a weekend visit to a one-day event. Cynthia Cherrey, vice president of campus life, announced in an email to the student body last week that the Princeton Preview program would be shortened in order to minimize the chances that prospective students not vaccinated for meningitis would contract the disease. Crystal Wang, 17, a prospective student and native of East Brunswick, N.J., said she was disappointed that the program had been cut short.

NEWS | 04/10/2014

Administrators will not crack down on informal Princeton Preview hosting program

The University will allow student-organized plans for informal overnight hosting to continue in orderto supplement the shortened Princeton Preview for the Class of 2018,but it will not endorse these plans. Associate Dean of Undergraduate Students Michael Olin said that while the University recognizes that the informal hosting program is well-intentioned, the formal hosting program was nevertheless cancelled for well-considered reasons.

NEWS | 04/09/2014


USG discusses improvements to Career Services

The USG heard a presentation from Career Services Director Pulin Sanghvi at the Sunday night Senate meeting, during which the Senate moved into a brief executive committee session to speak privately with Sanghvi. During the public session, Sanghvi spoke about his vision for change within Career Services. “There is a strong alignment to drive change quickly within our organization,” he said. By deemphasizing career fairs in favor of smaller, more targeted and meaningful programming, Sanghvi said he hopes Career Services can evolve to be more responsive to students.

NEWS | 03/30/2014

HackPrinceton attracts over 600 participants

The winners of this weekend's HackPrinceton were Derrick Dominic '15 in the software category and Chen Ye, a student at Brown University, in the hardware category. Hansen Qian '16, who helped organize the event, said that EchoCast, the culmination of Dominic's work, is an application which allows individuals to send information wirelessly over high-frequency sound waves. Ye's hardware, AirBike, involves a wireless electronic lock and an iPhone application to allow individuals to rent and borrow bikes from each other.

NEWS | 03/30/2014

In response to shorter Princeton Preview, students organize overnight hosting system

In response tothe University’s decision to shorten the Princeton Preview program, a group of students is trying to organize an informal hosting system for admitted students. The students created a Facebook groupcalled Informal Hosting for Prospective Princeton Studentson Thursdayevening, shortly after the University announced that the program for prospective students would be shortened to one day. As of2:30 p.m.

NEWS | 03/30/2014

U. mentoring program to undergo restructuring

The Princeton University Mentoring Program, a program aimed at supporting ethnic minorities, is in the process of transitioning from three branches of mentorship programs to one inclusive program for students who identify as students of color. PUMP was originally split into the Latinos Unidos for Networking and Advising, the Black Student Union’s Leadership and Mentoring Program and the Asian American Mentoring Program. While the mentors and mentees were paired within ethnic groups under the previous construction, director of the Fields Center Tennille Haynessaid that under the new system freshmen can be paired with mentors of a different race if they wish.

NEWS | 03/25/2014

Tiger Inn president and three officers resign following unauthorized party

All but two undergraduate officers of Tiger Inn resigned from their positionsMondaymorning following an incident early Sunday. President Ryan Cash ’15, house manager Dror Liebenthal ’15, treasurer Will Siroky ’15 and safety czar Victoria Majchrzak ’15 offered their resignations to the club’s graduate board of governors. Only social chair Brendan Byrne ’15 and vice president Oliver Bennett ’15 did not resign. The incident was officially called a “serious security breach,” according to an email sent to members by the club’s Board of Governors president Robert “Hap” Cooper ’82on Mondaymorning that was obtained by The Daily Princetonian. Cooper wrote in a statement to the ‘Prince’ that the incident was in fact a party, although he did not provide further details about the events. “EarlySundaymorning, a private party took place in Tiger Inn without the necessary security precautions in place,” Cooper wrote.

NEWS | 03/12/2014

Career Services fields complaints about internship fairs

Several students have complained about the career fairs hosted by Career Services, saying the fairs place an undue emphasis on computer science and finance. Nicholas Porto ’15, an electrical engineering concentrator, said the internship fairs are very skewed toward computer science, while the career fairs in general, despite the occasional outlier, are more focused on finance and consulting. Adam Klosowiak ’15, also an electrical engineering concentrator, said sometimes, even when the career fairs are targeted toward the humanities, recruiters still look for people with knowledge of computer software. Career Services Executive Director Pulin Sanghvi explained that a lot of financial organizations have large budgets set aside for recruitment events, whereas for other companies, going to a recruiting fair could take a major chunk out of their budget. 49 out of 77 companies registered for February's "Summer Internship Career Fair" were in the financial or computer science industries, according to a Daily Princetonian review of the list of registered employers.

NEWS | 03/06/2014

Student groups to request funds through Student Activities Funding Engine

Student groups and organizations will now request funds for events and activities using the Student Activities Funding Engine website, which was launched last year to streamline summer funding requests.SAFE will now be the universal engine through which students make all their funding requests. The first phase of implementing SAFE, which began in the winter of 2013, allowed individual students to request funds for expenses, including those for senior thesis research, internships and study abroad over the summer.

NEWS | 03/05/2014