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Rachel Sturley


Divestment duels: Rob Nixon

“Divestment is going to happen,” said Nixon. “It’s not if, it’s when, and it would be fantastic to see Princeton on the vanguard.”

Divestment duels: Stephen Pacala

“Both investing and buying products puts money in the hands of the people I don’t like,” Pacala said. “So ethically, I cannot find a consistent reason why I would divest and not boycott, or boycott and not divest.”

Increase in wind speed worldwide means boost for alternative energy, U. study finds

Average daily wind speeds have picked up in the last decade after over 30 years of gradual decline, according to research led by a team at the University’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The study, published in “Nature Climate Change” on Nov. 18, could implicate a dramatic surge in the efficiency of wind power in the coming years.

Tiger Tots: Annabel and Rosemarie Luijendijk

In the first installment of Tiger Tots, the Daily Princetonian interviews Annabel and Rosemarie Luijendijk, the six-year-old twin daughters of Professor of Religion and Head of Wilson College, AnneMarie Luijendijk.