Thursday, October 28

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Alex Gjaja

Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

‘I don’t understand who they’re protecting here’: Princeton’s COVID-19 policy frustrated reporting of sexual misconduct allegations, say students

This past semester, one student’s experience shows how the University’s Social Contract, a series of coronavirus-related restrictions, hindered reporting of an alleged incident of sexual misconduct. While some peer institutions offered amnesty to victims, University policy did not offer such protections, despite warnings as early as summer 2020 from campus resources. This story illustrates the unintended — but not unanticipated — effects the policy had on students. “I just feel like the University did everything wrong,” one student told the ‘Prince.’

Dean of the College Jill Dolan.

‘Here’s Jilly!’: How Dean Dolan took control of Nassau Hall

Excluded from the Ivy League presidents’ group chat, Dean Jill Dolan decided to stage a coup. After a failed barricade and tumultuous battle, Dolan claimed victory, declaring herself President of the University. From life in the aftermath, The Daily Princetonian releases a month-long investigation charting Dolan’s rise to power.

University President Christopher Eisgruber ’83 and then-Trustee Brent Henry ’69 stand together at the dedication of “Double Sights” in Oct. 2019.
Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

‘Committee, committee, committee’: After five years, Princeton’s approach to institutional reform hasn’t changed

On Sept. 2, President Eisgruber laid out how his administration would “combat systemic racism” — announcing plans that resemble the University’s response to the Black Justice League in 2015. With insight from the students, alumni, and stakeholders who sat on the previous iteration of committees, The Daily Princetonian unravels a convoluted story of college governance, layers upon layers of committees, and the difficulties that impede institutional change.

The football team will face a radically altered season.
Jack Graham / The Daily Princetonian

‘Building Monsters’: Football, food, and fitness at Princeton

On Princeton’s biggest eaters sweatshirts, sweatpants, backpacks, and hats are emblazoned two words: Princeton Football. Football players commit themselves to the team’s grueling practice and game schedule; they are expected as well to change their bodies for the good of the game. How do Princeton’s football players manage to pack on the pounds without sacrificing the fitness and dexterity that allowed them to play at the University in the first place? 

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