Saturday, November 28

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Aditi Desai

Harsimran Makkad / The Daily Princetonian

Anti-racist Reading Reflection | When racism endangers Black bodies: How racism in healthcare puts Black communities at risk

The realms of medicine, white coats, and hospitals have been, and continue to be, deeply stained by racialized practices. In a society infiltrated by racism and inequity in almost every institution and profession, doctors and scientists have not been left behind; in fact, racism is rooted at the heart of medicine, pulsating, pounding, and remaining alive no matter whom it hurts.

Courtesy of Michał Huniewicz / Creative Commons

What Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’ gets right — and wrong

The tradition of arranged marriages, its toxic ideologies, and its regressive trends still exist in Indian society, putting pressure on women to compromise, instructing young adults to prioritize societal expectations, and preaching class divisions. These burdens are real and still unapologetically true, as depicted in “Indian Matchmaking.” However, they are certainly not representative of all of South Asian culture.

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