Thursday, October 29

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On Tap

On Tap with Tenley Shield and Caroline Araskog

With the fall season having recently concluded, freshmen Tenley Shield and Caroline Araskog, the two newest members of the women’s golf team, sat down to talk with The Daily Princetonian about recent successes on the course, the team dynamic and whether or not to bring Eli Manning to a deserted island. Daily Princetonian: To start off, where are you from and what’s the best part about being from there? Tenley Shield: I’m from the Detroit area.

SPORTS | 11/04/2014


On Tap with Tony Ensbury

Having regularly packed the stands in Dillon Gymnasium, the men's volleyball team has concluded one of the most successful seasons in its program's history.Volleyball is a sport that runs deep in the lifeblood of California culture, and this has been no exception for junior libero Tony Ensbury, a native of Manhattan Beach.

SPORTS | 04/30/2014

On Tap with ... Cole Lampman

Cole Lampman is a sophomore on the wrestling team. The New York native is starting for the second consecutive year at heavyweight for the Tigers and has already gotten off to a hot start this season, which has included wins in both of Princeton’s matches at Madison Square Garden on Dec.

SPORTS | 12/10/2013


On Tap with ... Michael Wiest

As the fencing season starts up, The Daily Princetonian caught up with junior sabrist Michael Wiest to talk about domination, festive rugs and the end of "The Notebook." Q: Where are you from, and what is it like there? A: I'm from Portland, Ore., and it's a wonderful place filled with magic. Q: How did you get into fencing? A: It was an after-school program at my school, and I was just pretty dominant at it, so I kept doing it. Q: If you could be a professional athlete, what sport would you play? A: NBA.

SPORTS | 12/03/2013