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On Tap with ... Cameron Porter and Thomas Sanner

Senior Cameron Porter and junior Thomas Sanner are forwards on the men’s soccer team. Porter was just named the Ivy League Player of the Week for the second time in the last three weeks. He currently leads the nation in points per game (2.0) and is second in total goals scored (14). Sanner is second to Porter with 19 points on the season, including 8 goals scored. Recently, the offensive duo sat down with The Daily Princetonian to talk Lebron James, fantasy football and field hockey.



Daily Princetonian: Where are you from, and what’s it like there?

Cameron Porter: I’m from Dayton, Ohio. Being from the place that’s the birthplace of flight has inspired me to fly high in all aspects of life.

Thomas Sanner: I’m from Indianapolis. The best part’s the Indy 500. Period. Anyone can stay at my house who wants to go to it.


DP: What has been your favorite career moment?

CP: The best career moment for me was my sophomore year, when I had the game winner against Dartmouth. I think Tom had a hand in that one. It was overtime, 1-1, a couple minutes into OT; I got the ball and got into the box. It was even better because I was dating someone from Dartmouth. Great to beat the ex’s team.


TS: Eight minutes into my first game ever, I assisted my brother on the first goal of the season, after not expecting much of my freshman season.


DP: [Junior midfielder] Brendan McSherry or [sophomore back] Greg Seifert: whose flow is better?

CP: McSherry’s. It’s really seen a resurgence, like the phoenix. I could never say Seif; he’d get too much pleasure out of it.

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TS: In my unbiased opinion, McSherry’s. Just check out his Facebook page.


DP: What are your thoughts on [junior forward] Nico Hurtado’s fanhood of the Miami Heat?

CP: I don’t know anything to be frank, on basketball, or Lebron, or the Heat. If the Heat won a sneaky title, that would make me happy.

TS: I wanna see how this year goes. I have a bigger problem with [junior back] Josh [Miller] following Lebron, and saying his favorite team is whatever team Lebron is on.


DP: Describe the other one’s guilty pleasure.

CP: There are so many things I want to say. The pressure of this situation has gotten to me.

TS: No comment.


DP: Thoughts on this weekend’s game against Yale?

CP: We can’t underestimate them. Their coach is retiring, so it’s big for them. If we don’t let them score, I can’t imagine we’ll lose. If we let them score, that’d be a disappointment. They don’t lose games by a lot.

TS: We can’t underestimate them. We have to win. The next time we lose will be the end of our season.


DP: You’re on a deserted island and can bring three things. What do you bring?

CP: I’m bringing a stereo. Wait, can we go together?

DP: Sure.

TS: Okay, we’d have to bring at least one girl. Maybe two.

CP: That leaves us with one or two items left. Next, it’ll be food for three or four people, depending. I’d honestly bring toilet paper.

TS: I’d bring a hot air balloon as well.


DP: Who is the last person on the team you’d want to be stuck with in the wilderness?

CP: I’m gonna say [senior back] Joe Saitta. He’s soft.

TS: Nico. You just couldn’t live in the wilderness with Nico. Or [freshman goalkeeper] Chase Bishov.

TS: Not McSherry either. He’d wear a hairnet.

CP: Similar vein to Joe.


DP: Can you give me any thoughts on “The Firm”?

CP: Gentlemen. Period. Straight gems.

TS: Respect.


DP: How’s Fantasy Football?

TS: McSherry has really helped me out with a couple of questionable trades he’s made. The guys who know the least about football are winning the league right now. It doesn’t really make sense. [Junior midfielder Andrew] Doar is winning because he has the lowest points against him.

CP: I don’t understand football enough to play, but you always just pick the best players on the best teams.


DP: Who would be your top choice to perform at Lawnparties?

TS: Dave Matthews Band.

CP: Zac Brown Band.


DP: Any pre-game rituals?

CP: Six Advil. I get forced into listening to rap music I don’t like.

TS: (Laughing) I put everything on my left side first. Left sock, right sock. Left shoe, right shoe. For no reason. I make animal noises in our huddle, too.

CP: Apparently it gets the people going.

TS: Anything can come out.


DP: Who’s better with women?

CP: Depends which ladies you’re talking about.

TS: (Laughing) That’s a great answer.

CP: [Head coach Jim] Barlow [’91]’s gonna love this.


DP: [Senior midfielder] Julian Griggs’ concussion. Thoughts?

CP: After six weeks, you think everyone would wake up feeling bad on Monday.

TS: Soft.


DP: If you could play another sport, what would it be?

TS: It’d have to be a fall sport. Or winter.

CP: Does it have to be a male team?

DP: I guess not.

CP: Oh, then field hockey.

TS: Yup. They’re gonna love that.


DP: If you had to play a male sport, what would it be?

TS: Men’s squash. It’s all about the season. I wouldn’t want to do a spring sport. I could do golf if there were a limited amount of team rules.

CP: Men’s squash isn’t a bad choice. Wow, I really love soccer, I’m trying to think. The female sport was easy. My natural choice would be squash, born and bred. I’d also maybe play hockey so people would think I’m tough.


DP: Thoughts on Saitta’s face mask?

CP: He thought he was beautiful before. Taking his face out of the game has been tough. He’s really reinvented himself this year.

TS: It’s worked out well for him. The younger women loved it. It’s something about it. He looks like a superhero, maybe.


DP: Who’s your strangest teammate?

CP: Chase Bishov, easily. If you’re wearing overalls on campus, you’re probably up there.

TS: Chase Bishov. Still waiting for him to rap. He claims he’s a great rapper. He’s overly zealous about women as well.


DP: Cam, you’re in Ivy [Club], and Tom, you’re in Cottage [Club]. If you had to join another club, what would it be?

TS: Cannon.

CP: Cottage.


DP: What’s the other’s spirit animal?

CP: Tom’s an elephant because he’s so graceful.

TS: Cam is like a peacock. Peacock’s can’t fly, can they?

CP: I’ll take a peacock. No, I think they can jump a little, though.