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Grade Deflated

Nearly two years after the faculty voted to accept a proposal aimed at combatting grade inflation, the 'Prince' examines the plan's implementation and its effects.Click here to see The Daily Princetonian's 2006 Grade Deflation series.

NEWS | 01/31/2008


Would-be alumni find fame, fortune even without degrees

At some point in their first year of college, all students wish they were somewhere else. Anywhere else.And at that point, some fraction of students decides that even the prestige of the University's seal on that diploma isn't worth the long, rocky road it takes to obtain it.After all, Princeton students have class years tacked on the end of their names until the end of time, whether they complete a triumphant march out FitzRandolph Gate or not.Never fear.

NEWS | 07/13/2003

Nassau Hall: National history, center of campus

Surviving nearly 250 years of fires, wars and rowdy Princeton students, Nassau Hall still stands as a symbol of the history and traditions of the University.Not only does it house administrative offices, its sturdy walls contain numerous stories and legends ? some truths, some myths ? that will never die. In the beginningNassau Hall, which took two years to build, was the largest stone structure in the colonies when it was completed in 1756.Princeton's trustees wanted to name the University's first building in honor of Jonathan Belcher, the governor of New Jersey who obtained community support for the college.

NEWS | 07/13/2003

Artistic students entertain culture vultures

From feminist plays to poetry readings to dance performances to roaring musicals, Princeton has it all for the attentive "culture vulture."Performing arts at Princeton include a wealth of activities, but one of the areas with the widest participation is theater.Two student-run theater groups, Triangle Club and Theatre-Intime (pronounced "onteem"), have long traditions of putting on entertaining and engaging dramatic productions.During Orientation Week, Triangle Club presents a collage of some of its best numbers from recent years in a show that has become a Princeton tradition.

NEWS | 07/13/2003

What is that thing? Campus sculpture secrets unlocked

A fallacy is lurking on the lawn near Spelman Hall."Head of a Woman," which is, rather, the great abstraction of the head of a woman situated on top of a column, is not the manual work or sweat of Pablo Picasso.Have not boasts been made from Scully Hall to the curb of Nassau Street that Princeton owns one of Picasso's masterpieces, though?If "Head of a Woman" was not constructed by the hands of Picasso, then by whose?Students walk past, sit next to and even climb through the outdoor sculptures that are the John B.

NEWS | 07/13/2003

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