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Book-ish reviews "American Primitive" by Mary Oliver

It’s the beginning of March in Princeton, New Jersey. Packed snow from a succession of February storms remains sturdy and tired on the ground. It doesn’t seem to want to leave, although the snowmen have long since collapsed into heaps of mush.

Today I come to you with a ballad, a song of seasons passing, of nature, and of our place in it, to warm you when Princeton’s climate surely won’t. I’ll tell you about Mary Oliver and American Primitive, her Pulitzer Prize-winning book of poems. And together we will learn what it is to live in nature. Listen in to the newest episode of Book-ish, a Prospect podcast. 


This podcast was written and recorded by Gabe Robare, and was produced under the 145th Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian. It was edited by Cammie Lee and produced by Francesca Block with copy-editing and production help from Isabel Rodrigues.

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