Saturday, November 27

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How Women Became Tigers

Clockwise from top left: Maggie McCallister '19, Hannah Paynter '19, Sarah Spergel '19, Rachel Macaulay '19.

20 years of female leadership on Prospect Avenue

Some of the first female eating club presidents were elected in 2000, and this year, nine of the 11 presidents are female. Students on campus are taking note and are thrilled to see strong leaders working hard to promote the eating clubs at the University. Former and current club presidents feel that female leadership is a self-reinforcing cycle and will strengthen opportunities for women across all of campus.

NEWS | 05/03/2018

Sally Frank '80. Courtesy of Drake University

Sally Frank ’80 describes the Tiger Inn of 1979, a club she sued for not accepting women

When Sally Frank ’80 filed a lawsuit in 1979 against Ivy Club, Tiger Inn, and Cottage Club because they did not accept women, her goal was clear: Get women past the threshold of men-only clubs. Now, in 2018, nine of the 11 eating club presidents are female, which means Prospect Avenue is a much different street than when Frank studied at the University.

NEWS | 05/03/2018