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Isabel Ting


Princeton Gerrymandering Project paper wins national prize

Neuroscience professor Samuel S. Wang uses his mathematical skills and legal passions to help ensure voters choose their politicians, not the other way around. His team’s paper, “An Antidote for Gobbledygook: Organizing the Judge’s Partisan Gerrymandering Toolkit into a Two-Part Framework,” won a top prize at a gerrymandering competition last week.

Princeton music festival features post-classical, contemporary pieces

The festival lineup also included the electro-country performers, Owen Lake and the Tragic Loves; Korean-American composer and multi-instrumentalist, Bora Yoon; the percussion duo, Arx Duo; Anaglyphs; SMPL; Triplepoint Trio; New Jersey songwriter, Matt Trowbridge; the punk-jazz band, Joy on Fire; and the New York City-based ensemble, Desdemona Quartet. 

Columbia’s Hart dispels opioid misconceptions

“Drug education in America is primarily miseducation,” said Hart. “The American public is constantly bombarded with lurid misinformation that isn’t designed to educate [but] to terrify.”

CPUC addresses Hugin, grading policy, campus speakers

During the first Council of the Princeton University Community meeting of the 2018–19 academic year, members discussed trustee Bob Hugin’s controversial U.S. Senate campaign, revised grading policies, and how to deal with controversial campus speakers.