Thursday, February 25

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Winnie Brandfield-Harvey

Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia Commons 

Her body, his choice?

For many women, Title X providers such as Planned Parenthood are their only source for adequate health care, and the loss of funds will leave a significant number of women, especially minority women, without basic care. While Trump’s views may be malleable (often in pursuit of political gain), women’s bodies are not, and they should not be subject to the wishy-washy nature of his presidency. 

She speaks

You can call yourself a feminist, participate in marches, wear ribbons for awareness, and stand up for women in every way possible. Yet you can’t understand the gravity of sexual assault until a survivor is sitting in front of you, waiting for an answer. Waiting for you to tell her she can forgive herself. Waiting for your reaction, if any, which may well tell her everything she needs to know. And even then, you can only fathom a fraction of the suffering.

Poking holes in the bubble

Some days I love being sucked into this Princeton dimension. Staying up late in Firestone, surrounded by many other students who are in the same boat. Walking back to my room at midnight without feeling the need to look over my shoulder. And yet, some other days, I realize I haven’t called my mom in a week. I have no idea what is happening in the news. I am not keeping track of all the money I am spending so casually with my prox.

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