Tuesday, December 6

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Housing must revise and clarify its disability accommodations process for on-campus spring

Allowing disabled students control over their roommates and implementing a reasonable, transparent, and well-advertised appeals process are absolutely non-negotiable for the University to truly attend to the needs of its disabled student community. This is especially true because the Housing Accommodations process has been historically unreliable, and in particular, explicitly discriminatory against students with mental and invisible disabilities.

OPINION | 12/03/2020

Nassau Hall

Amid uncertainty, an opportunity for growth

Over the last several months, something new has taken hold within and around us. It’s not just uncertainty about what lies ahead. It’s a sort of meta-uncertainty: an unstable framework of constantly shifting time horizons that offers a poor foundation for decision-making. A long and uncomfortable silence in response to the question, “when do we finally get to know again?”

OPINION | 11/19/2020

McCosh 50 Lecture Hall

Competitive strugglers: Why we need to stop the contest for misery

The solution is simple but requires deep introspection: In order to prevent such divisions in our own community, we need empathy and understanding. We must simply be willing to acknowledge the problems that the other faces. Mutual recognition of one another’s difficulties will help advance understanding in a divided environment; it can help create a dialogue and a discussion, rather than a competition.

OPINION | 11/19/2020

nassau n 1 Mark Dodici _ DP.JPG

It’s past time for Princeton to advocate for Native students

Standing up for Native students does not just mean rhetoric or symbolic representation. Princeton students and faculty yearn for a dedicated space to come together and develop our growing and vibrant community. Princeton needs to dedicate institutional support, specifically funding, physical space, staff, and faculty, to ensure that this community and this field flourish.

OPINION | 11/12/2020

Carl A. Fields Center

A new Street: a suggestion for expanding the Carl A. Fields Center

With esteemed alumna Mellody Hobson ’91 giving the University a major gift, there will be a new residential college built where First College (formerly known as Wilson College) stands. The next steps to this process, however, should include changes that affect the dynamics of the University on both a micro and macro level. One step that can be taken from here is to focus on creating more spaces on campus that highlight diversity.

OPINION | 11/09/2020