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Daily Princetonian Editorial Board


The ivory tower is not immune to pandemic

We applaud Princeton’s previous decisions to revise policy when confronted with the realities of the pandemic and encourage similar action before the disparate effects of the current grading policy become even more self-evident.

In support of Dreamers, on campus and beyond

Though Princeton may seem a world away from the uncertainty and terror that Dreamers endure every day, we must not forget that we have peers who are living through this hell. We stand with them as friends, students, and Americans.

Free speech, not free pulpits

The decision to invite Wax is as myopic as it is dangerous — and we will not stand for it. We urge the leaders of Whig-Clio to reconsider their invitation.

No further questions

The new requirement will further allow members of CPUC — foremost among them, President Christopher Eisgruber ’83 — to manicure, polish, and calibrate platitudes in advance. Council meetings will degenerate into PR. Worse still, there is no way to ensure that the Council will even address, much less disclose, the questions it receives and chooses not to answer. 

Toward inclusive, international scholarship

Fifty years ago, the Association of Black Collegians occupied New South to protest the University’s investments in apartheid South Africa. Those students examined South African history and contemporary affairs beyond the constraints of traditional Western scholarship. They pursued an expansive, provocative understanding of the human experience, one that transcended geographic and racial boundaries. We should heed their example.