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The Daily Princetonian

Keep it small

In the wake of the announcement that a committee was being created to review grade deflation, another presidential proposal — that of expanding the undergraduate student body — was largely overshadowed in campus discussion.

OPINION | 10/16/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Revising writing seminar

Freshman year, after dining hall acquaintances have exhausted standard small talk on the weather —“Winter’s coming” —and last Saturday’s happenings —“You will not believe how late I went to bed” —there is one topic left sure to fill any lulls in conversation.

OPINION | 10/15/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Rank inflation?

I have chosen — and it’s sad that this had to be an actual choice — to spend my time as a Princeton student focusing on what I’m actually learning and not on the number of zeroes at the end of my probable starting salary.

OPINION | 10/10/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Perchance to be

One of the most terrifying things I’ve had to cope with growing up was being alone. As an only child growing up with a working parent, I always kept to myself at home, picking up various hobbies to keep myself busy until my mother came home.

OPINION | 10/09/2013