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Anthony Grafton

The Daily Princetonian

Today I lived

Last Sunday, I arrived at Princeton Junction around 9:30 at night. On the New York platform I recognized someone: a recent alumnus standing with a distinguished-looking couple, whom I took to be his parents.

The Daily Princetonian

Lost causes

Universities need to serve their societies. But they do that best when they give their faculty and students the chance to become deeply, passionately excited about some new inquiry, and let them follow it, even if the immediate rewards aren’t clear.

The Daily Princetonian

PDF Bums?

The books are still for sale, listed in their thousands and their 10 thousands on the big book sites on the Internet, where shopping is perfectly efficient and as free from pleasure as it is free of odor. But they’re too expensive to collect casually, as a student could in the old days. Sadder still, the shops where late we used to roam and hunt have disappeared.

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