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The Daily Princetonian

Looking past the outbreak

In light of the recent meningitis cases on campus and the ensuing news coverage that has catapulted us into the national media spotlight, we should take a step back and consider the general state of public health among the undergraduate student body here at Princeton.

OPINION | 11/25/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Taking back the weekend

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard the phrase, “College is the best four years of your life!” Seeing as I am only a little more than a quarter of the way through college, I can’t really vouch for the truth of this statement.

OPINION | 11/24/2013

The Daily Princetonian

It's not that we don't care

Maybe it’s because I grew up near Washington, D.C., but I naturally assume people are engaged and actively involved in politics because, simply put — Public policy impacts you and everything you do. But, across campus, many students are not engaged in political action to try to solve the problems we face.

OPINION | 11/21/2013

The Daily Princetonian

The, like, epidemic

In middle school in England, my friends and I used to entertain ourselves by exchanging overdrawn imitations of the stereotypical American valley girl: “Let’s, like, go to the mall!” “OMG, I like, love, like, that shirt!” Feeling smug, I sniggered and mocked, certain I’d never actually talk that way. So I was horrified a few weeks ago when I relistened to an interview I had done for a journalism assignment and discovered that the word “like” featured in almost every sentence.

OPINION | 11/18/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Remembering I'm Asian

A couple weeks ago, Benjamin Dinovelli wrote a column titled “Forgetting I’m Asian.” In it, he describes his struggles with the notion of cultural identity as an ethnically Asian student raised by white parents.

OPINION | 11/18/2013