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The Daily Princetonian

Keep Princeton tax exempt

Benjamin Franklin once said, “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” Allocating $120,000 in her will to sue "corrupt" educational institutions, it seems that Eleanor Lewis took his advice seriously. Ms. Lewis, who passed away recently, asked in her will that the money she left behind be used to fund a lawsuit against Princeton University on the claim that it is a corrupt institution.

OPINION | 12/11/2013

The Daily Princetonian

Different hues

I think if you ask anyone on campus if Princeton is diverse, you would hear a resounding “yes.” It’s not easy to overlook the multitude of student organizations we have here that embrace cultural affinities: the Chinese Students’ Association, South Asian Students’ Association, Black Student Union and the Taiwanese-American Students’ Association immediately come to mind.

OPINION | 12/11/2013

The Daily Princetonian


A few weeks ago, amid a flurry of news reporters prowling our campus in a frenetic mission to share our story of meningitis with the world, I saw a tour crossing in front of Nassau Hall.

OPINION | 12/09/2013


Jagged little pill

I have a friend whom I consider to be very popular on campus. People are always coming to visit him while he's working, and he tends to be "in the know" about upcoming social events at a level that I cannot even begin to approach.

OPINION | 12/08/2013


The pursuit of frivolity

After Thanksgiving dinner, I lay on a couch in a family friend’s house, sated and sleepy. Whoever was controlling the remote to the television was graciously interspersing the long stretches of football with periodic spurts of "Modern Family," to appease those of us who were less touchdown-savvy.

OPINION | 12/03/2013