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Improving campus security

Just a few days ago, The Daily Princetonian reported that new security guards have been placed at the Labyrinth Books entrance along with an electronic gate.  In addition, just within this past month, we’ve seen our own University ID cards being used to gain access to not only certain buildings on campus but also to our own rooms with the addition of a pin code.  The latter example proves that Public Safety and the University are successfully working together to reduce the hassle it takes to issue new keys and charge students.

OPINION | 09/24/2012

Dropping the "P-bomb"

While dropping the P-bomb might get us treated a bit differently sometimes, I find it necessary that we do everyone the favor of getting over ourselves. We are not some league of superhuman beings, and we do not need to protect others from our greatness.

OPINION | 09/20/2012

In defense of whim

Whims. They have a fairly awful reputation. Capricious and sudden, unexpected and arbitrary, they are governed by fancy. To be whimsical is perhaps to be amusing, but usually passing, irrational and impulsive, too. Whims are bad.This is unfair.

OPINION | 09/18/2012


Contraception compromise

Some observant Catholics have come out against even the reformed version of Obama’s mandate. Various Catholic parties that were adverse to the mandate have come around. I will not claim to understand the objection of those who view the current mandate as contrary to their morals, but, as I stated before, morality is a difficult thing to debate. I do believe, however, that the compromise is comfortable for most. No piece of legislation or executive order will have the entire support of the people.

OPINION | 04/12/2012

Princeton type

We know what this stereotyped Princetonian looks like: Sperrys, J. Crew shorts and white skin. It’s the look we all mock — some of us more ironically than others — twice a year at Lawnparties, which no one outside of Princeton seems to find as amusing as we do.

OPINION | 04/12/2012


I’m afraid of bad exam results and a poor GPA, and I want to lay the potential blame for such failings elsewhere. The more rational approach to this fear demands that we put our lives in perspective.

OPINION | 01/10/2012

Our intentions

We would like to thank Morgan Jerkins ’14 for raising her concerns in her article “ ‘diStracted’ or dispirited?” The reaction that she experienced was obviously not the intention of the piece in question or of the diSiac show. As the choreographers of “Eyes Watching Unseeing,” we would like to offer some responses and explanations that may help readers understand where we were coming from.

OPINION | 12/15/2011

Our freedoms

Even if we believe that the bill does not affect us personally (which it could), we cannot allow these perpetrations to continue. Already, we allow citizens to be monitored under the Patriot Act. Already we allow torture to take place in secret prisons. Already, we have allowed military law to carry on outside of due process, and now we are allowing it to extend to our own fellow citizens.

OPINION | 12/13/2011

'diStracted' or dispirited?

All of a sudden, I saw one girl walk onto the stage; she then jerked her neck to the side to simulate lynching. Then, “Strange Fruit” began to play. For those of you who don’t know what “Strange Fruit” is, this song was originally a poem written by Abel Meeropol to vent the horror of seeing a photograph of the lynching of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, two black men, in an almost carnival-like background. I couldn’t believe my ears — or my eyes.

OPINION | 12/13/2011

Admitting that we don't know

There seems to be a campus ban on appearing unworldly, uncultured or unintelligent, an unspoken agreement to position Princeton not as a place for learning but as a place for the learned. What is it about being among the often remarked “best and brightest” that makes us wary of ever admitting that in some areas we are the “worst and dullest”?

OPINION | 12/12/2011

The proliferation of waffle

Verbal vagueness is a time-honored college tradition. It is the overworked student’s trusty standby in those seminar sessions when everyone except the teacher knows that no one did the reading. However, there’s such a thing as excessive equivocation, and too many students at Princeton are toeing the line.

OPINION | 12/07/2011


As Movember illustrates, a man has much more freedom to present himself in a way that makes him physically unattractive without confronting any of the social risks that a girl who chooses not to wear makeup faces, but he also cannot talk openly about prostate cancer without making people uncomfortable.

OPINION | 12/06/2011

The power of the prox

If the University and downtown shopping venues were to work together to allow prox purchasing, they would create a mutually beneficial relationship, whereby students would have easier, more appealing access to outside food, stores would have more customers and Princeton University would create a positive, working relationship with its neighbors.

OPINION | 12/06/2011