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Confronting anti-Blackness at Princeton University’s policy school

Double Sights Robertson Hall reflection
Jon Ort / The Daily Princetonian

This letter was submitted to administrators on Tuesday, June 23. The text appears verbatim below.  

To the Board of Trustees, President Christopher Eisgruber, Acting Dean Mark Watson, and Deans Cecilia Rouse, Miguel Centeno, Karen McGuinness, and Elisabeth Donahue:


In this moment, we are seeing both the slow and sudden violence that robs Black people of life. This premature death is at the hands of the police, healthcare system, economy, and every system that fails to fight for justice. Activists are joining calls to fundamentally dismantle an American system of policing, incarceration, and white supremacy that oppresses Black and other peoples far beyond our borders. As individuals — Black and brown, LGBTQ+, allies, and all those in solidarity — we are hurting, and we are angry. As students, we look to our institution’s leaders for clarion calls for justice and action. Once again, we find ourselves deeply disappointed.

For many years, students and alumni of this program have decried its lack of attention to anti-Black racism in favor of multiculturalism and the many ways public policies — both domestic and international — have been built upon a foundation of white supremacy. Now, more than ever, we ask ourselves: Does this school prepare its students to dismantle racist and oppressive systems? And, is this institution truly inclusive for Black students, faculty, and staff?

Without hesitation, the answer to both questions is still a resounding no. 

It is one thing for University leaders to speak in vague terms or equivocate in the face of student demands. It may be unsurprising to Black, Indigenous, and people of color at this school when we face the same discrimination, marginalization, or microaggressions here that we have encountered elsewhere in our lives. But it is unacceptable that courses and faculty at this program fail to equip students with tools to abolish racist structures and advance racial equity — the very reason many of us returned to school. We are tired of taking classes (or avoiding classes) with professors who deem these issues as unimportant or 'not rigorous.’ Moreover, we are furious that leadership, senior faculty, and classmates often dismiss or gaslight students who rightfully raise concerns.

It is no big mystery why Princeton, like many institutions, has failed to resolve its longstanding history of anti-Blackness. Although it has yet to financially atone for it, much of Princeton’s early development was funded through the labor of enslaved people. While Princeton has made strides to move past its extensive history of exclusion, several pillars of its oppressive past stubbornly remain, whether in its underlying funding, faculty composition, or wider institutional culture.

Fortunately, the solutions toward educational equity and community justice are not a mystery either. They have been created and proposed by Black organizers, scholars, and student activists long before institutions like Princeton were willing to take their ideas seriously. Below, we lay out the following seven demands, which are grounded by their efforts:


Demands of the Graduate Students of Princeton University’s Policy School | June 2020

1. Pay Reparations | Princeton University participated in and profited from slavery for over 100 years. The University’s first nine Presidents were all active or former enslavers and 16 out of 23 of Princeton’s founding trustees bought, sold, traded, or inherited enslaved people at some point in their lives. We demand that the University commit 5 percent of its $26 billion endowment to reparations for the descendants of every enslaved person owned by the University’s Presidents and Board of Trustees.

2. Divest from the Prison Industrial Complex | The prison industrial complex feeds on and maintains oppression and inequality through disproportionate criminalization, punishment, violence towards, and control of Black Americans. It is fundamentally immoral to finance an educational institution through profits from carceral industries. We demand that the University verify its divestment from all private prisons and permanently divest from all levels of the prison industrial complex. 

3. Abolish the Police | American policing was designed to oppress Black communities and continues to do so today. The Princeton Police Department and Campus Public Safety have actively engaged in these injustices, impacting students, faculty, staff, and visitors. We demand Princeton University cut ties with the Princeton Police Department, defund Campus Public Safety, and shift funding to mental health, de-escalation, and other campus services that holistically deliver public safety.

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4. Implement an Anti-Racist Curriculum | Our policy school fails to provide students with the tools to dismantle racism and oppression. We demand the school undergo an anti-racist transformation of the curriculum by fall 2021. We demand anti-racist frameworks be incorporated as core components to policymaking in our courses. We demand the implementation of the widely-supported DEI core requirement for all MPA students beginning fall 2021. We also demand inclusion of adjunct faculty and lecturers in the Masters Committee curriculum approval process, which is dominated by white men. 

5. Increase Black faculty, lecturers, and practitioners | Less than 5 percent of faculty are Black. We demand that the School ensure 25 percent or more of its affiliated professors are Black by the end of 2022. The School must expand the number of departments it is affiliated with to include the African American Studies department. All privileges of joint appointments must be extended to AAS faculty, including positions on the Master’s Committee. The School must also name an Anti-Racist Policy Fellow each year. 

6. Establish a Center for Anti-Racist Policy | The school lauds itself for partnering with 21 centers on campus to fuel cutting-edge thinking and research, yet there is no center focused on dismantling racism. We demand the school establish and generously fund a Center for Anti-Racist Policy, invite post-docs and fellows to foster collaboration among anti-racism scholars, and create a pipeline for faculty who specialize in anti-racist policymaking.

7. Increase Black Student Enrollment | We demand that Princeton strengthen pipelines and relationships to increase Black student enrollment and disaggregate admission demographics to account for the range of experiences among Black communities. Admissions must reimagine its evaluation and selection process by requiring applicants to complete a diversity statement, banning the box in applications, and eliminating the GRE requirement, a racist and sexist assessment that unreliably indicates graduate school success. 

To learn more about these demands, please see the attached addendum outlining Princeton-specific background and justifications. 

Simultaneously, we stand in solidarity with the undergraduate Class of 2020, which shares our calls for substantive change at this institution. Our colleagues are once again demanding the removal of the Woodrow Wilson name from our School. It is embarrassing that the School has yet to renounce the celebration of its namesake and his well-documented legacy of white supremacy. However, we want to be clear: changing the name, though long overdue, cannot and will not be enough to address the significant issues we raise here.

As a graduate student community, we want this School to prepare us for the challenges of today and tomorrow. We want to attend an institution whose funding scheme accounts for past and ongoing injustices and reside in a place where social challenges are elevated and addressed through community resources, not stifled and subdued by officers. We want to believe that engaging in anti-racism, dismantling structural racism, and achieving racial equity are things a policy school can and must teach us — not just as niche topics, but as core tenets and fundamental practices in our field of public policy. We believe that an institution that firstly focuses on the needs, aspirations, and identities of Black students and faculty is one that elevates all of us. Moreover, we believe it is our duty “to work vigorously for freedom and justice for Black people and, by extension, all people.”

Black Lives Matter. And it’s time this School did something concrete to prove it.


The graduate students and alumni of Princeton University’s policy school

As of June 23, 2020, more than 400 current students and alumni have cosigned this letter and list of demands. Their names and titles are affixed at the bottom of this document.

As students continue to collect signatures, an up-to-date listing of cosigners can be found here.

Malini Nambiar (she/her), PhD 2024

Anne Stickells (she/her), PhD 2023

Avery Agles (he/him), PhD 2023

Emily Miller (she/her), PhD 2023

Jared Lockwood (he/him), MPA 2023

Jonathan Barnett (he/him), MPA 2023

Julia Herrle (she/her), MPA 2023

Matt Mleczko (he/him), PhD 2023

Maya Aronoff (she/her), MPA 2023

Parker Wild (he/him), MPA 2023

Pooja V. Ramamurthi, PhD 2023

Rachel Young (she/her), PhD 2023

Andre Vasilyev (he/him), MPA 2022

André Zollinger (he/him), MPA 2022

Annie Yu (she/her), MPA 2022

Bridget Kelly (she/her), MPA 2022

Caroline Jones (she/her), MPA 2022

Chloe Cho (she/her), MPA 2022

Chris Bernedo (he/him), MPA 2022

Christine Zizzi (she/her), MPA 2022

Conor Hussey (he/him), MPA 2022

Emily Audet (they/them), MPA 2022

Guillermo Herrera (he/him), MPA 2022

Henrietta Toivanen (she/her), PhD 2022

Jack McCaslin (he/him), MPA 2022

Jeff Simon (he/him), MPA 2022

Jordan Mickens (he/him), MPA 2022

Joscelyn Garcia (she/her), MPA 2022

Karalyn Enz (she/her), Joint PhD 2022

Karlin Gatton (she/her), MPA 2022

Lea Hunter (she/her), MPA 2022

Leyatt Betre (she/her), PhD 2022

Lynne Guey (she/her), MPA 2022

Martina Bergues (she/her), MPA 2022

Nausheen Rajan (she/her), MPA 2022

Nicolas Choquette-Levy (he/him), PhD 2022

Nicole Meidter (she/her), MPA 2022

Rolando Cuevas (he/him), MPA 2022

Sean Cremin (he/him), MPA 2022

Sherrod Smith (he/him), MPA 2022

Susan Ragheb (she/her), MPA 2022

Tyler Patrick (he/him), MPA-JD 2022

Abyssinia Lissanu (she/her), MPA 2021

Alejandra Moscoso (she/her), MPA 2021

Alex Hydrean (he/him), MPA 2021

Alex Merchant (he/him), MPA 2021

Alice Chang (she/her), MPA 2021

Benjamin Chin (he/him), MPA 2021

Bettina Bergoo (she/her), MPP 2021

Christopher Crawford (he/him), PhD 2021

Clarke Wheeler (she/her), MPA 2021

Corbin Stevens (he/him), MPA 2021

Daniel Pontón (he/him), MPA 2021

Danielle Beavers (they/them), MPA 2021

Elie Amkraut (he/him), MPA 2021

Ellinore Ahlgren (she/her), MPA 2021

Emily Chen (she/her), MPA 2021

Emily Tenenbom (she/her), MPA 2021

Fatima Khan (she/her), MPA 2021

Gabriel Mekbib (he/him), MPA 2021

Galen Hunt (he/him), MPA 2021

Hélène Benveniste (she/her), PhD 2021

Iona Main (she/her), MPA 2021

Jake Gutman (he/him), MPA 2021

Jasmine Pineda (she/her), MPA 2021

Jatin Batra (he/him), MPA 2021

Joanna Anyanwu (she/her), MPA 2021

Julia Tuttle (she/her), MPA 2021

Kai Chong-Smith (he/him), MPA 2021

Kaira Bakkestad-Legare (she/her), MPA 2021

Kaitlin Roh (she/her), MPA 2021

Kevan Christensen (he/him), MPA 2021

Kevin McCarthy (he/him), MPA 2021

Lauren Clark (she/her), MPA 2021

Liza Paudel (she/her), MPA 2021

Maggie Tennis (she/her), MPA 2021

Maria Cecilia Romano (she/her), MPA 2021

Marissa Korn (she/her), MPA 2021

Mark Lee (he/him), MPA 2021

Martin Sweeney (he/him), MPA 2021

Maura Farrell (she/her), MPA 2021

Maya Hardimon (she/her), MPA 2021

Mayank Misra (he/him), MPA 2014, PhD 2021

Meghana Mungikar (she/her), MPA 2021

Molly Brune (she/her), MPA 2021

Nathan Babb (he/him), MPA 2021

Rebecca Gorin (she/her), MPA 2021

Riley Edwards (she/her), MPA 2021

Robert Francis (he/him), MPA 2021

Rocio Labrador (she/her), MPA 2021

Sofia Ramirez (she/her), MPA 2021

Sri Harshita Rallabhandi (she/her), MPA 2021

Sujata Rajpurohit (she/her), MPA 2021

Talia Gerstle (she/her), MPA 2021

Tom Taylor (he/him), MPA 2021

Wendy Gomez (she/her), MPA 2021

Yvette Ramirez (she/her), MPA 2021

Zach Zook (he/him), MPA 2021

Aaron Charlop-Powers (he/him), MPP 2020

Aditi Bhowmick (she/her), MPA 2020

Alex Villec (he/him), MPA 2020

Alex Wheatley (she/her), MPA 2020

Amy Williams Navarro (she/her), MPA 2020

Anh Ton (she/her), MPA 2020

Anne Kuhnen (she/her), MPA 2020

Artin Haghshenas (she/her), MPA 2020

Arturo Trejo (he/him), MPP 2020

Ashley Semanskee (she/her), MPA 2020

Ashwin Warrior (he/him), MPA 2020

Brody Viney (he/him), MPA 2020

Caroline Corcoran (she/her), MPA 2020

Danielle Hull (she/her), MPA 2020

Djeniffer Melo (she/her), MPA 2020

Emily Apple (she/her), MPA 2020

Emily M Andrews (she/her), MPP 2020

Emily Sullivan (she/her), MPP 2020

Erika Larsen (she/her), MPA 2020

Fionnuala Seiferth (she/her), MPA 2020

Francisco Díez (he/him), MPA 2020

Gelila Terrefe (she/her), MPP 2020

Gokul G R (he/him), MPA 2020

Henrietta Smith (she/her), MPP 2020

Hope Jackson (she/her), MPA 2020

Jasmine Haddaway (she/her), MPA 2020

Jenna Marie Saccomanno Mellor (she/her), MPA 2020

Jennifer Johnson (she/her), MPA 2020

Jordan Burns (she/her), MPA 2020

JR DeLaRosa (he/him), MPP 2020

Lindsay Wylie (she/her), MPA 2020

Luciana Debenedetti (she/her), MPA 2020

Maia Cotelo (she/her), MPA 2020

Maisie Anderson-Davis (she/her), MPP 2020

Manna Selassie (she/her), MPA 2020

Marilu Corona (she/her), MPA 2020

Mark Jahnke (he/him), MPA 2020

Matthew Cournoyer (he/him), MPA 2020

Michelle Nedashkovskaya (she/her), MPA 2020

Natalie Kotkin (she/her), MPA 2020

Nathan Eckstein (he/him), MPA 2020

Nathaniel Tek (he/him), MPP 2020

Owen Minott (he/him), MPA 2020

Peter Birke (he/him), MPA 2020

Richard André (he/him), MPP 2020

Rocio Rodarte (she/her), MPA 2020

Ryan VanZuylen (he/him), MPA 2020

Sagatom Saha (he/him), MPA 2020

Solomon Tesfaye (he/him), MPA 2020

Spogmay Ahmed (she/her), MPA 2020

Stephanie Dimos (she/her), MPA 2020

Theo Wilson (he/him), MPA 2020

Thomas Huelskoetter (he/him), MPA 2020

Toshiro Baum (he/him), MPA 2020

Tyler DeRubio (he/him), MPA 2020

Yashna Gungadurdoss (she/her), MPA 2020

Alejandro Abisambra (he/him), MPA 2019

Ana Billingsley (she/her), MPA 2019

Ana Sorrentino (she/her), MPA 2019

Andrew Moyseowicz, MPA 2019

Chris Austin (he/him), MPA 2019

Ella Lipin (she/her), MPA 2019

Erin Cheese (she/her), MPA 2019

Grace Jackson (she/her), MPA 2019

Graham Simpson (he/him), MPA 2019

Harrison Diamond Pollock (he/him), MPA 2019

Ileana Cruz (she/her), MPA 2019

Isabel DoCampo (she/her), MPA 2019

James Fromson (he/him), MPA 2019

Jennifer Faubion (she/her), MPA 2019

Jessie Durrett (she/her), MPA 2019

Joelle Gamble (she/her), MPA 2019

Julieta Cuéllar (she/her), MPA 2019

Karen Scott (she/her), MPA 2019

Lachlan Carey (he/him), MPA 2019

Leyla Mocan (she/her), MPA 2019

Lindsey Andersen (she/her), MPA 2019

Marelle Goodlander (she/her), MPA 2019

Margo Berends (she/her), MPA 2019

Mia Newman (she/her), MPA 2019

Michelle Conway (she/her), MPA 2019

Paloma Bellatin (she/her), MPA 2019

Paulina Lopez Gonzalez (she/her), MPA 2019

Ryan Kuo (he/him), MPA 2019

Sakari Merik Ishetiar (he/him), MPA 2019

Sepideh Soltaninia (she/her), MPA 2019

Somya Bajaj (she/her), MPA 2019

Tarrajna Walsh (she/her), MPA 2019

Taylor Nelson (she/her), MPA 2019

Tim Weedon (he/him), MPA 2019

Varsha Gandikota (she/her), MPA 2019

William Willoughby (he/him), MPA 2019

Zack Zappone (he/him), MPA 2019

Albert Pak (he/him), MPA 2018

Alessandra Brown (she/her), MPA 2018

Alex Brockwehl (he/him), MPA 2018

Amber Zuberi (she/her), MPA 2018

Amy Li (she/her), MPA 2018

Ana Cristina Alonso Soria (she/her), MPA 2018

Andi Zhou (he/him), MPA 2018

Anna Yalouris (she/her), MPA 2018

Aparna Ramesh (she/her), MPA 2018

Carla López Castañeda (she/her), MPA 2018

Chloe Brown (she/her), MPA 2018

Elizabeth Martin (she/her), MPA 2018

Ellen Steele (she/her), MPA 2018

Eva Ghirmai (she/her), MPA 2018

Hanna Snider (she/her), MPA 2018

Hope Wollensack (she/her), MPA 2018

Jacob Cruz (he/him), MPA 2018

James Ladi Williams (he/him), MPA 2018

Jessica Sarriot (she/her), MPA 2018

Jordan Stockdale (he/him), MPA 2018

Kalie Pierce (she/her), MPA 2018

Kristen Kruger (she/her), MPA 2018

Laura Williamson (she/her), MPA 2018

Lauryn Williams (she/her), MPA 2018

Lydia Lo (she/her), MPA 2018

Madeleine Parker (she/her), MPA 2018

Maggie Menold (she/her), MPA 2018

Mariella Castaldi (she/her), MPA 2018

Martín De Simone (he/him), MPA 2018

Rachel Rothgery (she/her), MPA 2018

Sam Kanson-Benanav (he/him), MPA 2018

Samantha Adelberg (she/her), MPA 2018

Sasha Frankel (she/her), MPA 2018

Sebi Devlin-Foltz (he/him), MPA 2018

Seleeke Flingai (he/him), MPA 2018

Sergio Venegas Marin (he/him), MPA 2018

Shehab Chowdhury (he/him), MPA 2018

Stefanie Mavronis (she/her), MPA 2018

Swetha Balachandran (she/her), MPA 2018

Tom Stanley-Becker (he/him), MPA 2018

Alexandra Parma (she/her), MPA 2017

Annie Khoa (she/her), MPA 2017

Claire Denton-Spalding (she/her), MPA 2017

Colin Gilbert (he/him), MPA 2017

Julia Reed (she/her), MPA 2017

Julianne Whittaker (she/her), MPA 2017

Ken Sofer (he/him), MPA 2017

Luna Nguyen (she/her), MPA 2017

Marian Messing (she/her), MPA 2017

Meredith Houck (she/her), MPA 2017

Milan Reed (she/her), MPA 2017

Simone Webster (she/her), MPA 2017

Stephen Lassiter (he/him), MPA 2017

Vivian Chang (she/her), MPA 2017

Chenxi (Chex) Yu (he/him), MPA 2016

Chuin Siang Bu (he/him), MPA 2016

Emily C Black (she/her), MPA 2016

Evan Goldstein (he/him), MPA 2016

Katharine Richardson (she/her), MPA 2016

Kathleen (Kate) Burke (she/her), MPA 2016

Margaret Lyford (she/her), MPA 2016

Michael Carlson (he/him), MPA 2016

Muhsin Hassan (he/him), MPA 2016

Wylie Timmerman (he/him), MPA 2016

Bishnu Thapa (he/him), MPA 2015

Caitlin Tulloch (she/her), MPA 2015

Chrissie Grover-Roybal (she/her), MPA 2015

Daniel Edelman (he/him), MPA 2015

Elias Sanchez Hanno (he/him), MPA 2015

Elizabeth Sully (she/her), PhD 2015

Gabriel Catapang (he/him), MPA 2015

Hannah Shaw (she/her), MPA 2015

Joanna Hecht (she/her), MPA 2015

Laura Zachary (she/her), MPA 2015

Lauren Dunn (she/her), MPA 2015

Matthew Holzgrafe (he/him), MPA 2015

Megan McGuire (she/her), MPA 2015

Nicholas Kelly (he/him), MPA 2015

Shasti K Conrad (she/her), MPA 2015

Adam Kent (he/him), MPA 2014

Aditi Poddar (she/her), MPA 2014

Angelo Isaac Sandoval (he/him), MPA 2014

Anna Fogel (she/her), MPA 2014

Chikara Onda (he/him), MPA 2014

Christopher Lau (he/him), MPA/JD 2014

Daphne McCurdy (she/her), MPA 2014

David Kanter (he/him), PhD 2014

Hana Scheetz Freymiller (she/her), MPA 2014

Jaime Archundia (he/him), MPA 2014

Jonathan Hayes (he/him), MPA 2014

Kat Johnson (she/her), MPA 2014

Matthew Soursourian, MPA 2014

Meghan O’Toole (she/her), MPA 2014

Nathaniel D Allen (he/him), MPA 2014

Nicolas Zarazua (he/him), MPA 2014

Peter Blair (he/him), MPA 2014

Pierina Sanchez (she/her), MPA 2014

Seth Frederick Harrison Smith, MPA 2014

Seyron Foo (he/him), MPA 2014

Tiana Thomas (she/her), MPA 2014

Betsy Hoody (she/her), MPA 2013

Cara Stepanczuk (they/them), MPA 2013

Carl Westphal (he/him), MPA 2013

Carol Duh-Leong (she/her), MD, MPP 2013

Chad Maisel, MPA 2013

Elizabeth Ramey (she/her), MPA 2013

Evan LeFlore (he/him), MPA 2013

Francisco Perez (he/him), MPA 2013

Gloria Twesigye (she/her), MPA 2013

Jane Farrington (she/her), MPA 2013

Jean Marie Callan (she/her), MPA 2013

Jennifer Bianca Browning (she/her), MPA 2013

Laura Blumenthal (she/her), MPA 2013

Laura Tatum (she/her), MPA 2013

Madhurita (Madi) Sengupta (she/her), MPA 2013

Maggie Haight (she/her), MPA 2013

Megan Corrarino (she/her), MPA 2013

Roberto Pitea (he/him), MPA 2013

Samantha Mignotte (she/her), MPA 2013

Sangita Vyas (she/her), MPA 2013

Sarah Tucker-Ray (she/her), MPA 2013

Stephanie Durden Barfield (she/her), MPA 2013

Vera Bersudskaya (she/her), MPA 2013

William Vu (he/him), MPA 2013

Caroline Walsh (she/her), MPA 2012

Catherine Moody (she/her), MPP 2012

Chrissy Burgess (she/her), MPA 2012

Christen Marie Smith (she/her), MPA 2012

Christina Henderson (she/her), MPA 2012

David Mitchell (he/him), MPA 2012

Diego Aragon (he/him), MPA 2012

Elina Sarkisova (she/her), MPA 2012

Elisabeth Cohen (she/her), MPA 2012

Heber Manuel Delgado-Medrano (he/him), MPA 2012

Jessie Sayre Duncan (she/her), MPA 2012

Julian Lee (he/him), MPA 2012

Katherine Manchester (she/her), MPA 2012

Kerry Brennan (she/her), MPA 2012

Leslie Lai (she/her), MPA 2012

Mike McCaffrey (he/him), MPA 2012

Renee Yuet-Yee Ho (she/her), MPA 2012

Vanessa Ulmer (she/her), MPA 2012

Aaron Jackson (he/him), MPA 2011

Amy Ostrander (she/her), MPA 2011

Brian Paler (he/him), MPA 2011

Caitlin Sanford (she/her), MPA 2011

Chloe Poynton (she/her), MPA 2011

Erica Frenkel (she/her), MPA 2011

Eugen Yazdani (he/him), MPA 2011

Hope Glassberg (she/her), MPA 2011

Jon Goldstein (he/him), MPP 2011

Kate Sullivan Frades (she/her), MPA 2011

Kristy Mayer-Mejia (she/her), MPA 2011

LaSean Knox-Brown (he/him), MPA 2011

Manuel Lannaud (he/him), MPP 2011

Mark Roland (he/him), MPA 2011

Matthew Petric (he/him), MPA 2011

Molly Offer-Westort (she/her), MPA 2011

Nazir Harb Michel (he/him), MPA 2011

Nick Salter (he/him), MPA 2011

Rafael Diaz (he/him), MPA 2011

Sam Polk (he/him), MPA 2011

Sarah Sieloff (she/her), MPA 2011

Sarita Vanka (she/her), MPA 2011

Sophia Cristina Peters (she/her), MPP 2011

Taina Borrero (she/her), MPA 2011

Talal Mir (he/him), MPA 2011

Tau Shanklin Roberts (he/him), MPA 2011

Thomas Scott (he/him), MPA 2011

Will Tucker-Ray (he/him), MPA 2011

Adam Petkun (he/him), MPA 2010

Anna Gregory (she/her), MPA 2010

Daniel Firger, MPA 2010

Eugene Hillsman (he/him), MPA 2010

Hannah Kim (she/her), MPA 2010

Michael Balz (he/him), MPA 2010

Michelle Kayser (she/her), MPA 2010

Ryan Kawamoto (he/him), MPA 2010

Tracey Ross (she/her), MPA 2010

Elisha Smith Arrillaga (she/her), PhD 2009

Marquis Brown (he/him), *MPA 2009

Yuh Wen Ling (she/her), MPA 2009

Choua Vue (she/her), MPA 2008

Dan Honig (he/him), *MPA 2008

Donna Estacio (she/her), MPP 2008

Flor Hunt (she/her), MPA 2008

Jessica Hembree (she/her), MPA 2008

Katherine Brouhard (she/her), MPA 2008

Midori Valdivia (she/her), MPA 2008

Sarah Sable (she/her), MPA 2008

Arielle Mir (she/her), MPA 2007

Frankki Bevins (she/her), MPA 2007

Jessica Colon (she/her), MPA 2007

Joy Sinderbrand (she/her), MPA 2007

Rose Holandez (she/her), MPA 2007

Starynee Adams (she/her), MPA 2007

Suman Sureshbabu (she/her), MPA 2007

Victoria Chang (she/her), MPA 2007

Ernesto Vilchis (he/him), MPA 2006

Jake Leos-Urbel (he/him), MPA 2006

Leo Chyi (he/him), MPA/URP 2006

Therese Lee (she/her), MPA 2006

Tressa Johnson (she/her), MPA 2006

Alicia Plerhoples (she/her), MPA 2005

Claudia Flores (she/her), MPA 2005

Sugeni Perez-Sadler (she/her), MPA 2005

Courtenay Dunn (she/her), MPA 2004

Deni Taveras (she/her), MPA 2003

Katy Backes Kozhimannil (she/her), MPA 2003

Kei Hayashi (she/her), MPA 1992

Wesley Dias, MPA 1978