Ivy Truong


Graduate and undergraduate students frustrated with U. handling of sexual harassment case

Dozens of graduate students, undergraduates, and faculty members gathered on Monday, Nov. 20 in Maeder Hall to discuss a petition demanding that the University elevate its disciplinary action against Sergio Verdú, a Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering, who was found guilty of sexual harassment in a Title IX investigation earlier this summer. Over 650 undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni have signed the petition. 

New spring courses offer exciting opportunities for academic exploration

Over 150 new courses will be offered in the the spring, according to the course offerings released on Nov. 9. According to the list provided by the Office of the Registrar, some of these new classes include REL 292: Hip Hop, Reggae and Religion, HIS 476/MED 476: The Vikings: History and Archaeology, and ENG 394/GSS 398: Ghosts, Zombies and Liminal Creatures in Film, Literature and Photography.

Bermann to lead new seminar on global migration supported by Mellon Foundation

Beginning in the 2018–19 academic year, comparative literature professor Sandra Bermann will lead a Sawyer Seminar called Global Migration: The Humanities and Social Sciences in Dialogue. Bermann plans to bring in faculty from multiple disciplines, including history, sociology, comparative literature, and politics.  

Activist Tony Porter discusses healthy masculinity, domestic violence

“I’m here representing the men, the generation of men that comes before you. Most of what you know from being a man you learned from me. So I’m not here telling you what you did wrong and all of that stuff,” Porter said. “I’m telling you that a lot of the things that I taught you we need to rethink and you have the opportunity to reteach.”