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Name, major, fun fact

The introductions trickle around the circle: the kid who’s already taken every class the professor has ever taught, the lone engineer, the person whose ... Read More

Introduction to rejection

If you’re a freshman reading this, my first (and only?) piece of advice is to not destroy yourself in the process of seeking validation, social or otherwise.  ... Read More

Off the Pine Barrens we go

My school year began with wandering off to the middle of the woods, leaving behind all electronic connection, and taking a group of nine first-years with ... Read More

Summer Reading in 2018

Nothing makes a new year first feel real quite like a trip from Labyrinth, feeling the weight of the semester’s responsibilities literally settle on ... Read More

MY Room or OUR Room

So, let’s dive in with the first question of this great new year! ‘What should I do if my boyfriend refers to my room as our room?’ Read More

The stickers on our laptops

Putting stickers on our laptops shows how we perform a balancing act between embracing our personal identities and embracing the impersonal world that ... Read More

Rise and Grind

“How was your summer” rings through the hallways and dining halls followed by brief responses except for the occasional more meaningful conversation ... Read More