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Shannon Chaffers


The value of rewriting

As Princeton students, we like to think we can craft a perfectly structured, well-reasoned argument on the first try. The fact that in many cases, we cannot rewrite our essays, only reinforces this misconception.

Why Facebook’s civil rights abuses deserve more attention

Facebook should not get away with its abysmal track record on discrimination and indifference towards fixing its failures. As Representative Beatty said to Zuckerberg, “it’s almost like you think this is a joke.” It’s time for Facebook to realize it’s not.

The value of guest speakers

The administration should strongly encourage, and professors should make efforts to, bring in at least one guest speaker per semester.

Why you should start following European soccer


The Super Bowl is over, basketball and hockey are in their mid-season lulls, and baseball has yet to begin. You might now find yourself lamenting the temporary lack of excitement in your sporting world. Well, if you shift your attention across the Atlantic, you can plunge yourself into a sports world so intense, captivating, and all-encompassing you’ll wonder how you spent your whole life until that point oblivious to its existence.