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Lyric Perot


Restaurant reviews: Jammin’ Crepes

A popular study break go-to, Jammin’ Crepes is well-known to many Princeton students. What the swarms of students attending these study breaks often fail to appreciate, however, is the restaurant’s incredible atmosphere.

Entrances and exits

At Princeton, entrances and exits are perhaps the most overlooked influence on a student’s time on campus, leaving a lasting imprint on all of its alumni.

Q&A: What Makes You Feel Loved?

As an ode to Valentine's day this week, The Street interviewed four random students on campus to get a glimpse of what makes Princeton students feel loved. We received a variety of responses, which range from family and friends to a cup of Campbell’s tomato soup.

Unfamiliar Street: The Rose City

Introductions have never been my strong suit. I get too excited about meeting someone new, so caught up in the moment that small yet significant details like someone’s name fly past me.