Tuesday, January 31

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Anna Wolcke

Q & A: Dr. Kerri Danskin of CPS group counseling

Group counseling gives students the opportunity to receive support from professionals and fellow students while also discussing a wide range of issues that students might encounter while at the University. Current groups include Cupcakes and Connections for first-generation college students, a group revolving around Family Dynamics, and the Race, Culture, & Identity Post-Election Support.

New Beginnings: Spring

Spring: the season of new beginnings. When warmth comes back from hibernation, sunbeams emerge from dark clouds, and birds sing from the twigs of blossoming trees ... at least that’s what it used to be like. But we now seem to face the ugly truth: spring is not the promise of a new beginning anymore — no, spring is the promise of apocalypse. Does that sound too cynical to be true?

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