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Lawnparties at Terrace: Sensemaya, Thumpasaurus, and Mornings


If you’re looking for a way to spend a chill and groovy afternoon at Sunday’s Lawnparties, you should check out Terrace Club. Their program starts at 12:30 p.m. with Sensemaya Afrobeat All-Stars, founded by Princeton students in 2002. The group describes itself as “the funkiest, grooviest afrobeat collective this side of Washington Road” and is known for “its infectious tunes and raucous live shows.”

Sensemaya was influenced by Fela Kuti and his sons, as well as more contemporary Afrobeat acts such as Antibalas and Budos Band, but it continuously strives to create a new sound that it can call its own. In 2011, the band released its first live album, “Weapon of the Future,” followed by a short EP in January 2013.


If you want “infectious horn melodies, groovy basslines and ferocious percussion,” then look no further than Sensemaya. Come to Terrace, listen to great music, and enjoy the sunshine! As Sensamaya would say, “All students, all dank.”

And if you can’t get enough groove in your life or simply have not made it out of bed yet, then check out Thumpasaurus for “groovy funk from outer space,” as social chair Robert Whitaker ’18 describes it, at 2 p.m. Its “analog, classic rhythm-section setup recalls ’70s funk acts, but the vibes [it] bring[s] are pure” 2017, according to Live for Live Music. Famous for its out-of-the-box creativity, the group from Los Angeles will surely turn the atmosphere in Terrace into something not quite from this earth. Just explore its website and you’ll understand:

Who wouldn’t feel great when hearing phrases like “You are so pretty / You are so wonderful / You are so special?” Thumpasaurus is a mood-lifter for everyone. If you have ever wondered what it would sound like if Darth Vader revealed himself to Luke Skywalker in Japanese, you should really check out Thumpasaurus!

To chill at the end of a groovy day, stay for Mornings, which will perform at 3:30 p.m., just before the main act. Listen to “electronic sounds to make you dance or cry, everything from jazz ballads to future bass,” Whitaker said. Since words cannot do justice to Mornings’ music, just get a feel of the music beforehand. Check out “Lovers” or “Tithe” on SoundCloud, and get pumped to see Mornings live at Terrace!