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Restaurant reviews: Jammin’ Crepes

A popular study break go-to, Jammin’ Crepes is well-known to many Princeton students. What the swarms of students attending these study breaks often fail to appreciate, however, is the restaurant’s incredible atmosphere. With wooden tables, hand-written chalk signs, and an array of mason jars to hold silverware, the rustic décor of the place is truly distinct. An array of different seating options, from bar-style tables to intimate two-person tables by the window, lend a sense of versatility. On a nice day, with lots of small colorful tables set up outside, the combination of Jammin’ Crepes’ beautiful surroundings and delicious food makes for an optimal dining experience. If you visit, be prepared to be welcomed graciously into this abode by friendly servers who are eager to optimize your experience.

For those students who haven’t yet made it out to a Jammin’ Crepes study break, here are the menu’s most important features: Jammin’ Crepes uses its freshly made crepes as vessels for locally sourced fillings. With options ranging from the Jammin’ Turkey Club (turkey breast, bacon, mozzarella, local greens, and a house-made aioli) to brownies in a blanket (double chocolate brownies wrapped in a sweet crepe paired with Bent Spoon vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce), there is something on the menu to satisfy any member of your party. Even though crepes are its specialty, it also offers a variety of other breakfast and lunch foods, like seasonal soups and salads as well as oatmeal and yogurt parfaits. Jammin’ Crepes also prides itself on its support of other local businesses, such as The Bent Spoon and Small World Coffee. The restaurant allows its customers to always feel good about the food they’re eating by placing an emphasis on sustainability, fresh products, and the support of local businesses.


Having previously tried the Fruit-Tella crepe (the signature hazelnut and chocolate spread combined with a seasonal micro-batch local fruit jam), I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try a savory crepe called the Veggie Goat, which had seasonal roasted veggies, fresh goat cheese, and fresh baby arugula with a balsamic glaze. After a very short wait time, I quickly received my crepe, and was pleasantly surprised to see how fully filled it was. Almost overflowing with vegetables, the crepe had the perfect ratio of vegetables, cheese, and sauce in every bite. I also tried a classic dessert crepe called the Classic Toasty Cinnamon, which is a simple sweet crepe filled with browned butter and Jammin’ Crepes’s signature cinnamon sugar mixture. Again, there was a satisfactory ratio of filling to crepe, and while not quite as large of a serving as the savory crepe, it was still delicious.

Overall, my visit to Jammin’ Crepes was a highly enjoyable experience filled with friendly people, pleasant food, and a unique atmosphere. The restaurant was interesting enough to be memorable, without feeling forced. Little quirks like tables labeled with cards instead of numbers for the servers, an eclectic assortment of silverware, and the black and white checkered paper wrappers around the crepes all contribute to a fun and tasty experience.