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Harsimran Makkad /  The Daily Princetonian

COVID-19 and ‘code red’: understanding the pandemic’s toll on frontline health care workers

Rather than watching the case count on The New York Times or other news outlets, I track the number of cases by the times we are what my family calls “code red,” when we handle clothing with gloves and disinfectant and maintain distance until my mother, an anesthesiologist, has showered.

THE PROSPECT | November 18

Sydney Peng / The Daily Princetonian

Texting home

Before leaving home, my phone history with my parents was sparse, to say the least. Now that I’m thousands of miles away, of course I’m texting my parents more. But as a high schooler, I would never have guessed just how often I would find myself, in college, reaching for the phone to contact my mom. 

THE PROSPECT | November 12

Katie Rohrbaugh / The Daily Princetonian

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is not the stress reliever I thought it would be

When Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out this past March, I thought the game would be a perfect counterbalance to the stresses of a wildly uncertain year. I cannot stress this enough: I absolutely love this game. But instead of becoming an outlet for my stress, I found that the New Horizons allowed me to repackage it under the facade of playing a video game. 

THE PROSPECT | November 2

John Ehling / The Daily Princetonian

Reflections from a first-year: Establishing friendships over Zoom

In a normal semester, students may have been able to sow the first seeds of a budding friendship by turning to a peer in an orientation hall or large lecture class to exchange a few words. Now, side conversations have become relegated to the Zoom chat, where a quick private message about an assignment might just spark the beginnings of a new connection.

THE PROSPECT | November 1

Claire Thornton / The Daily Princetonian

A case for cooking

In a semester where we’re all spending overwhelming amounts of time staring at our computers, it is absolutely critical to find a screen-free activity that also provides genuine respite from schoolwork. Cooking is by no means the only option. But we all have to eat.

THE PROSPECT | October 29

Outside McCarter Theater Center before the Triangle Show. 
José Pablo Fernández García / The Daily Princetonian 

Triangle’s ‘Old Folks’ Home’ and the future wished for

The future I see in front of me for the next couple months is the white wall that stands behind my desk as I write these words. It looks like my friends and classmates and professors confined to Zoom boxes. It looks like more time hundreds of miles away from the place I’d grown to love as my other home. This is all so different from the future I so wish lay ahead instead.

THE PROSPECT | September 16