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On varieties of pencils

Both mechanical pencils and standard pencils require a certain degree of maintenance; while the regular sharpening of standard pencils is certainly more frequent than lead replacement in mechanical pencils, replacing lead is significantly less cathartic of an activity as grinding down a pencil. 

OPINION | March 2

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Changing history: Why students should take foreign history classes

To educate students on topics not traditionally covered in the American education system, broaden their academic horizons, and, most importantly, instill an awareness of different cultures, the University should adjust the distribution requirements so that all students — not just those in the major — must take at least one HA course that does not focus on the United States or Europe, with the exception of those centered on African-American history.

OPINION | February 27

Marshawn Lynch in a 2015 press conference
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Reforming the Class Day speaker selection process: Open letter to the Class Day Co-Chairs

We believe that reforming the nomination and selection process by clarifying the procedure and by involving the senior class will definitely anticipate such concerns, giving students a better understanding and moreover a sense of ownership over the decision to invite a specific speaker.

OPINION | February 27

Save Pink House: We need to create more affordable eating options instead of shutting them down

By closing Pink House and its food-share, the University is unfairly targeting lower income students who often cannot afford the high fees needed for an eating club or dining hall plan, and instead find a home in a food-share that teaches them how to be self-sufficient.

OPINION | February 24

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On digitization

This planted a doubt in my mind about my educational philosophy: in an age where technology makes school work more and more convenient, why do I even use pencil and paper to take notes at all?

OPINION | February 23